8 Words That Have A Different Meaning In LA

8 Words That Have A Different Meaning In LA
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  1. Nicole Pham says

    who else lives in Southern California and thinks that 70 degrees is still like fricken cold and is also expected to see a random celebrity in L.A

  2. What’s going on in 406? says

    Sounds absolutely horrible.

  3. James Gomez says

    I live in LA…………………SOOOOOOOOOOO

  4. liz martinez says

    Traffic is the worst! 3 hours just to go somewhere that only takes 30 minutes to get there without traffic I could NEVER!😩😣

  5. Lia Teague says

    So true!! 😂

  6. Sarah Calderwood says

    Ok, but 60 is cold!!!!!!!!

  7. LHML 123 says

    Imma come to LA ! It rains every day here in Kurdistan

  8. Sakura Marie says

    Was he wearing a slytherin scarf?😂

  9. Tiffany Ortmeier says

    Me: hey can i call my friend over and we can go to the beach.
    on a daily baseswe say that
    My Mom: Dont you need friends to do that honey

    the moms are savage here .

  10. Rawan says

    I’m ashamed

  11. Mary Thomas says

    The cold one applies pretty much anywhere in the Valley. But for us, hot is like 112

  12. Eliza Thompson says

    I live in Australia and I do the la version of dogs and all my friends do too😂😂

  13. trashmaster575 says

    It’s gonna be one HOT summer in LA!

  14. Sin Erio says

    I live in LA and the cold part is absolutely exaggerated; we may be used to a lot warmer temperatures, but we start to think it's cold around the low 30s.

  15. visila in says


  16. multi stan says

    One question, what was he drinking at the end if the video? ._.

  17. Beach Lover123 says

    I live in New York and 60 means summer break. Cold means below zero and ten inches of snow, meaning that the power will be out and you’ll have to wear your winter jacket inside and huddle like penguins with your siblings

  18. Aidan Geoffrey Bennett says

    Basically, everyone in LA is a stuck-up prick with too much time on their hands. Accurate.

  19. Allyson Thomas says

    La is weird af glad i dont live there😂😂

  20. lolurmom420 says


  21. emily_ bo_bemily says

    Juice is sold in cans?????

  22. Rachel Fenger says

    Living in Wisconsin, 60 degrees is summer

  23. Neerav Trivedi says

    I am from the State of New York……60 degrees is nice. While the folks in LA dress up like the folks in the Northeast during winter when it is 60+ degrees there, I will be wearing board shorts and long sleeve tee shirts with my cool adidas shoes. Schwing!

  24. Drink bleach and die says

    Same in Bangladesh.. 60 degrees is the winter time where u need to wear ur warmest coat ar muffler.

  25. CookieBrianna says


  26. Zaztybr says

    Am from LA and this is so true
    Especially the cold

  27. Rachel Bartram says

    I live in Calgary Canada it was 5°C or 41° and it was so warm if it was 20° or 60° it would be too warm I like the warm weather not but it’s too warm

  28. the book reviewer says

    Juice cuz I drink that la type

  29. Kimm K says

    Oh thats not normal

  30. eva says

    why is all of this wrong

  31. number one dad says


  32. Ane Nielsen says

    60 degrees? That’s a bit under the average SUMMER temperature in Denmark

  33. Lottieee J says

    I live in England and if it’s anywhere near 60 degrees everyone would of melted cos the highest we can take is 40😂

  34. Lemonラムネ says

    My favorite LA word is "In N Out"

    Shut up I know that's 3 lol

  35. yoongi’s teeth says

    the parking thing is SOO true

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