9 Androgynous Hairstyles In 60 Seconds (feat. Madison from District Salon)

9 Androgynous Hairstyles In 60 Seconds (feat. Madison from District Salon)
Androgyny is beautiful and handsome, all at once. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyellow MUSIC Into The Matrix …

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  1. ew says

    sidepart and the last were the best

  2. Neon Salamander says

    Can’t all hairstyles be androgynous?

  3. Юс Мелькова says

    ok now do 9 Androgynous Hairstyles In 60 Seconds but with long hair

  4. Jim Taylor says

    How about some styles that look good instead ☺️

  5. Rita Ahlawat says

    Undercut- Draco malformed with short hair

  6. TheAcjacobs says

    I had to find a buzzfeed video with this chick to comment because I hate her. Tania is it?

  7. David Cross says

    I hate this generation

  8. Vanessa Dumitru says

    these are only really androgynous hair styles on women. Would love to see some male androgynous hair styles

  9. The Anchella says

    My hair is heavier and does not cgmply.

  10. Tired Taurus says

    they ran out of styles after the second one

  11. Denise Timana says

    Please tell me "the Sia" is a real thing….

    If you style your hair that way… Why?

  12. srishti Singh says

    The sia😂😂😂

  13. Mary Loyola says

    I love herrrr

  14. Maggie Krit says

    Wavy Caesar

  15. Hey It's Spooky says

    I love Tan soooo much

  16. Kvakushka Frog says

    I got turned on when I saw the undercut :]

  17. Sabrina sabrina says

    😍 that smile at the end I’m dead

  18. Memelord The First says

    "I would like to get a haircut."
    "How does the Sia sound?"
    "Depends, will I be able to Sia?"

  19. Fernanda López says

    Amazing and helpful ! Gracias

  20. Coriander says

    I' d totally get sll of them

  21. John Smith says

    Didn't know Tim Burton has his own hair stylist.

  22. Rain Grey says

    I can't Sia anything with this hairstyle.


    I can hardly tell that this is a woman. It looks like a skinny guy with a weak chin.

  24. ur internet girlfriend says

    tan could run me over and i would say thank you

  25. future flygirl says


  26. Charlie Harrison says

    I am non binary, but don’t want to cut my hair. I want to express myself more androgynous-ly, but don’t really know how. Ahh help

  27. bumble says

    i was clicking on this because i actually wanted some ideas for andro hairstyles that i could reasonably try, but the first two looked exactly the same. thanks, i guess, for the tepid attempt at inclusivity??

  28. Jolo7t says

    When you’re playing hide and seek and you got the SIA cut ain’t nobody going to find you

  29. Intan Safitri says

    tania makes me clear of my sexuality

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