9 Body Hacks That Will Save Your Life

9 Body Hacks That Will Save Your Life
Okay, maybe not save your life, but definitely from some frustrating times! Share on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/15IcnVx Share on Twitter: http://bit.ly/15IcrEO …

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  1. ibrahim nagy says

    Sometimes massage therapy does "fix" things. I have TMJ disorder due to clenching, and it got so bad at one point that my traps swelled up to 3 times their size, and I had muscle spasms in the back of my neck that were extremely painful. I went to the ER and got muscle relaxants which didn't help right away, and since I couldn't move my neck at all ( 7wow.cc/nzud ), I took a taxi to my massage therapist. It took her close to 2hrs but by going easy on me she was able to unlock my neck and make the spasms stop. I'm forever grateful and massage therapy has been the most natural, efficient solution I've tried so far. The problem is that I clench so much that I need massage therapy weekly, so I'm going to try Botox. Just wanted to share how amazing massage therapy can be in a crisis situation when you have a qualified practitioner looking after you!

  2. Gumball Gaurdian says

    there is never a line by the boys bathroom😂

  3. The Tiller Willer!!! says

    my earworms help me concetrate

  4. GusIsCool LMFAO says

    I’ll probably scratch my calf…

  5. Little Jelly says

    I have crippling anxiety, let's blow on my thumb! *blows on thumb* Oh wow, I'm NOT CURED! Thanks, BullshitFeed! Now I can have horrible anxiety AND look like a total idiot in front of everyone I know!

  6. Isab3llaFaith3 says

    Well, that didn't help my crippling anxiety!

  7. Jungkook Trash says

    While reading this you will now Breathe manually. Goodluck…

  8. Lolo Yahya says

    Oh ear worms are real

  9. Noah The Northern says

    How many noticed that this is somewhat clickbait

  10. Alicia Pedersen says

    Since when is there a line for the men’s bathroom?

  11. Katherine Morgan says

    Tooth ache

    Go to the dentist

  12. Omara García says

    But the thing is…..when I have these situations, I am gonna forget everything mentioned in this video. :"v

  13. William Franklin says

    Do you wish to activate PNF Stretching and suffer from your muscle issue ? [Go Here >>>>>https://plus.google.com/u/8/110086446704524205338/posts/SYCJvbCgoJ3 ] This is a technique where a certain muscle to relax the muscles is being activated by you to help you reduce the stiffness around a joint

  14. edboss says

    Think about the end of a song to get it out your head

  15. AlfieT27 says

    One more buzzfeed video before I go to b- realisation

    Oh. It's 12:30 am

  16. Wayne Buck says

    0:39 um…I CAN'T DO THAT CUZ I'M 9 YEARS OLD!!!

  17. Mijo Cee says

    I need more hacks for anxiety and being nervous

  18. Kirstine Kronborg Thomsen says

    Honestly, when have you ever seen men standing in line to use the restroom…

  19. Lily Blue Zgonc says

    Most people say they will do their homework after just one more video, just accept the fact that u won't end up doing ur homework and move on with your life

  20. fy crml says

    The brain freeze doesn't work 😑

  21. Neve M says

    Omg if I can't high five properly I WILL DIE!

  22. Shining Angel04 says

    0:35 What if you are a child?

  23. yonglebongle says

    On your bed rubbing ice on the back of your hand.
    Mom comes in.

    "What are you doing?"

    "Rubbing ice on the back of my hand."


    "To heal my toothache."

  24. Margo says


  25. Angel Quituviera says

    i'd never have brain freeze

  26. Salomé Wismer says

    The blowing on the back of the thumb thing does not work

  27. dope bieber says

    how many times u ll tell about caffeine related to nap?

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