9 Easy And Delicious Sliders To Serve At Your Next Party • Tasty

9 Easy And Delicious Sliders To Serve At Your Next Party • Tasty
Get the party started with these 9 easy and delicious slider recipes! Recipes: …

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  1. Ronnie-Lynn Dolan says

    I dislike that the music plays I would rather hear a voice as I often watch videos like this and listen and occasionally peek a look but I can’t do that with this channel.. bummer 👎🏻

  2. Adamya Singh Parihar says

    That is actually a fucking delicious video!

  3. 09yulstube says

    Why take the care to make sure your sauce is vegan if you're then gonna use cheese?

  4. Game Attack Go Go Go says

    Thank you Tasty! Hey please cooking is go tomorrow ? When wake up 6:00 going cooking “ bourbon chicken” ! Don’t not have wait for you want please ! My mom like good cooking nice eat “ bourbon chicken” ! …. see you happy it fun! Goodbye happy!

  5. Top Yummy Japan says

    Wow the best cake ever yummy

  6. Bri James says

    Im going to try the gyro one

  7. Game Attack Go Go Go says

    Good Good like cooking it nice eat !
    Hey want next and “ bourbon chicken”. !!

  8. Coralie and Yann-Emilie says

    Reasons people watch tasty :
    1. They have nothing better to watch
    2. For entertainment
    3. To make the recipes
    4. For the tasty producers
    5. To diss tasty in the comments
    6. To see comments of people dissing tasty

  9. Selena Levi says

    Anyone else here hungry as fuck???

  10. Ella o says

    The comments on these videos are always so mean it's kind of funny

  11. life with hamna says

    Wow very nice tasty food great I'm your New friend

  12. Sindell Gonzalez says

    Please make giant cerreal next (;

  13. m says

    so just garlic

  14. Anne Kessy says


  15. Pluto Solarius - says

    … scuse me? with a meal? that slider is an entire meal

  16. Wired System says

    "Gyro" xD

  17. PREETHI M V says

    Anyone else who watches but never does it?

  18. Itaschirama The God says

    Bro y’all put vegan meatballs in here


  19. GD's Kitty says

    That is not currywurst! As a German, i feel fucking offended. :C

  20. A B says


  21. Corntal says

    tasty, holy shit, you couldn't even change the aspect ratio??

  22. ness june says


  23. huranku98 says

    Great video as always. If possible could you do a quick tutorial on the best way to cook and prepare shirataki noodles. I'm just not getting it right. Thanks!

  24. Kostantinos Yiannakos says

    I ❤❤❤❤❤ 🥙

  25. CIKOPH Path says

    I win an EF competition today can i have a congrats

  26. VAR says

    Same sliders again…

  27. Really delicious food!
    Just watching it makes you really want to eat.✨

  28. Yuko Mattingly says

    2016 Tasty Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRU7d0WjC3A
    My favorite is breakfast sliders.

  29. Steve's Shed says

    Party ? What party ?
    We just have meal time around here.
    We're too darn busy working and trying to survive to stop and plan , prepare and invite . To even begin to think about a stinking party

  30. Zubaier Galib says

    Join team tree

  31. jorge romero says

    I work in the morning. 😭

  32. Elisa From Wii Sports says

    It's currently 1:11am and I'm watching tasty recipes I'll never make

  33. •AestheticFreak• says

    chicken gyro 😂Soo greek😂GRGR❤

  34. Jonas Kaufmann says

    it felt like you‘ve showed at least 15 sliders

  35. Alex Ganavas says

    Tis a good video and all but they are reusing clips from their other videos

  36. Silve's Cuisine says

    wow. I will try this.

  37. Ege Basuter says

    please make a giant sushi

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