9 Embarrassing Period Confessions

9 Embarrassing Period Confessions
And then I realized, I was in the men’s bathroom.” You Do You is back: Bigger, Better, Violetier! Buy it now!: https://bnc.lt/m/ZVdrhAYkyu Download Whisper for …

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  1. magig thingy says

    Hi this is weird but I just got my first period and seeing as you've got yours I'm just wondering seen as I got my first period last week I was wondering do I get it next month ?? Because it is my first one ?? I'm just asking random people cos I'm really anxious to know .. when u got your first period did you get it again the next month ?

  2. Sumnima Limbu says

    The last one is such an unpleasant feeling

  3. minnio says

    this is funny

  4. Natalia Ball says


  5. Beatriz Bonoan says

    Is it weird that I actually cry because I have my period? Like it’s not that I’m looking at something pretty or I made a tiny mistake, it’s literally because I have my period. Like I can’t swim, can’t do really extreme exercise, have to go to the bathroom every hour on the first few days, those thoughts literally make me cry and I don’t know why.

  6. Mennegele says

    Thank you for making me feel better

  7. Bonnie Cherine says

    How do you not know your in the men’s bathroom?!?! 💀 😂

  8. Kim Taehyung says

    Once I was in karate class and I didn’t have pads so I used toilet paper. Then the toilet paper fell out

  9. Molly R says

    That friend was so nice! The one who spilled cranberry juice in her friend to cover up her period.

  10. Regular Invader says

    I remember the cringey days of having my period during 7th grade.😣

  11. Gianna Molezion says

    Okay but I can so relate to the burrito and ice cream ones

  12. Kaitlin King says

    Do more of these

  13. Jane Deer says

    Just realized but I think Chantel (Ladylike fans where u at??) voiced the first and fifth confessions!

  14. camille d says

    the last one tho…..

  15. Ethereal Vibes says

    I got my period on my chair…In class..And in the next 15 min,other class will be in our class…
    I'm going to die bro

  16. artvia ' says

    Who has to pose for these thumbnails?

  17. Elizabeth Flanagan says

    Up your back that’s bad

  18. Fire Wings says

    1:02 best friend in the whole world !

  19. Ain’t nobody funny says


  20. Ella 050 says

    I think I just win period because I go my period but I don't feel any cramps for about 3-5 time s now

  21. Nikolina Aničić says

    The date I first got it: my crush’s 12 th birthday

  22. Rebekah Willes says

    that first one is embarassing without it being a mens room

  23. Broke Bb says

    The first one😂

  24. Apple Snapple ASW says

    The one with the friend that covered it up with cranberry juice,good thinking and that's a real friend

  25. Yael Berger says

    Question: how did she have bloody pee if your period blood comes out a different hole then your pee??

  26. Eva The Pancake says

    the last one is ooooh i feel so bad for her…

  27. Fun Kidz says

    NOOOOO! NO THE ICE CREAM! triggered

  28. Moo im a cat says

    I havent had my period yet so I can't relate to any of these cry. XD

  29. skunkie110 says

    Oy…when I was a teen I had one too many embarrassing leak situations (once in school, where I got up in front of the entire class with a big ol stain) and once during summer camp. Now I don’t take any chances. I only wear black pants and wear a tampon and a pad as backup. Not really an issue since.

  30. Jules Brenneman says

    Just reading the quote made me facepalms

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