9 Hearty Dips For Your Next Party • Tasty

9 Hearty Dips For Your Next Party • Tasty
Have the appetizers be the talk of the party with these hearty dips! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: https://bzfd.it/shoptastyyoutube Subscribe to Tasty: …

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  1. laura nebula says

    I made spinach and artichoke dip once it made no sense to me so I turned it into a pasta dish. Def not a fan of hot dips.

  2. Re Winford says

    3:54 bad editing? Why did it say vegetable dip for taco dip? You’re getting lazy Tasty

  3. belizeguy says

    Really neat!!!

  4. a r i a n a g r a n d e says

    u mean my next mental breakdown?

  5. no u says

    I know for a goddamn fact that NONE of you are going to make these

  6. Kinjal Amdavadi says

    I will make the dips but where am i gonno get friends from?

  7. everyday_easy says

    Such a yummy ways to add flavour to meals! Has anyone already tried to make them?

  8. Alejandro Hernandez says

    Bro that’s for the pizza dip I used the ritz cookies and their so good

  9. 나우영 says

    란모리 슐애솔라 오피스텔
    란모리 슐애단성 오피스텔

  10. 나우영 says

    책어영첫 의나솔라 오피스텔
    책어영첫 의나단성 오피스텔
    탑야리 슐애솔라 오피스텔
    탑야리 슐애단성 오피스텔

  11. вєчσnd says

    or am I here

  12. Joye Master says

    I have a idea tasty make small foot

  13. Lily Productions says

    I’m getting hungry 😋😩

  14. God is my middle name says

    The amount of cheese and butter in those dips like damn……

  15. Antoine Washington says

    I love cheesy dips and chips

  16. Vincenzo's Plate says

    I can’t! You made me hungry 🤩

  17. Deon Ragsdale says

    Do they make vegan cream cheese my son & daughter in law are vegan, I'm vegetarian I could never be vegan I love dairy way to much!!🤷🏻‍♀️😂🤣

  18. GunSTICK711 Anims says

    Hey tasty I need some help.

    So, I have been brainstorming for a while now, and thought of some decent recipes based on basic knowledge of cooking and experience eating the stuff.
    So first, would ground beef (15% fat) oregano, minced onions, pepper be a good mix for burgers? Of course, I would also add Worcester sauce on top during the actual cooking process.
    Then we have taco meat, made with ground beef (5 or 10% fat), with freshly chopped onions and finely chopped bell peppers, stirring and mixing the onions with the peppers, then adding some onion powder, seasoning salt (or a spice mix called “Slap Ya Mama”), and a few other spices I can’t remember atm. Also add some sort of hot sauce, such as tapatio.

    I know how to cook, but I need recipes in order to do so.

  19. Daily Zaiqa says


  20. collowollo says

    shit i would not go to this party..

  21. Geoshf Schneider says

    Please make a video tutorial on how to make hot pot, please!

  22. Aki Animations says

    The recipes are kinda familiar, I think they got ideas from https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ .

  23. Katherine says

    The pizza dip… 🤤

  24. Asma Khan says

    Very misleading title. These aren't healthy

  25. Crazy Chick's Opinion says

    I REALLY wish you would stop covering the ingredients with a card.

  26. Aidan O'Donoghue says

    Food give

  27. Ruby Hunt says

    This will make me the popular one at my next party

  28. Josephine Waithira says

    Just flawless

  29. Santi12007 says

    The video title: Hearty
    Also the video: involves a pizza dip recipe

  30. Noob Tv 1273 says


  31. Ro Har says

    3:50 this is whack

  32. call Reaper says

    That pizza dip was straight way to ketoacidosis

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