9 Lies About Your Hair You Probably Believe

9 Lies About Your Hair You Probably Believe
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  1. Madawi Star says

    0:14 this is so wrong !

  2. Wolfette says

    I could read it if the screen wouldn’t change drastically 🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. josephine emilia says

    Omg my hair texture changed too

    when I was born I had 3c curly
    hair when I was a toddler it
    became 4a when I turned 6 it became 4b when I turned 11 it became 4c lmao

  4. Lily Pham says

    what if you have a buzzcut

  5. S a m r a says

    I wash my hair every day because if I don’t it becomes greasy and I get a lot of dandruff. Please correct me if I’m doing something wrong

  6. Minal KASI says

    But my hair was golden at first but when I shaved it growed jet black in colour.Science explain this.

  7. •Nelly Raccoon• says

    No wonder my hair gas gotten oily

  8. E.V. San says

    When I don't brush my hair for one day, it becomes a tangled mess. Sometimes this happens when I already brushed my hair, and I just end up with a tangled mess later that day.

  9. Huang Xuxi says

    Does taking a shower everyday count as washing my hair?

  10. Elyse Jones says

    2019 anyone x

  11. Gianna Reginelli says

    0:49 made me mad. My mom always told me it I trimmed my hair it would grow faster. NOW IM MAD

  12. Epic Turtle says

    I wash my hair 2-3 times a week because they get oily fast!

  13. aya shaff says

    shaving has NO EFFECT on hair growth???!
    BUT IT DOES. i've experimented it on my skin hair

  14. emily b says

    i’m watching this in 2043… it looks like the hair plague hadn’t spread yet at the time this was filmed

    it’s crazy that people used to have hair!!

  15. Thierry Mathéo says

    First of all

    I M B A L D

  16. TRISHA Bhattacharyya says

    My friend have really long hair like waist long. But it's sooo poot quality that you can see the broken ends of each and every hair. I told her million times to cut those split ends. Oil your hair once in a week and use shampoo twice in a week. But no she won't because she don't like short hair. And she use too much heat products.
    Now, not cutting the split ends she did a permanent straighten her hair.

  17. nadia nasrin says

    Lather, rinse, repeheat if you know you know

  18. Pasta Bowl says

    I shampoo twice
    I feel attacked

  19. Ariiannaxx says

    Every saturday I put (coconut) oil in my hair and wash it on sunday. w

  20. Katherine Diane Does says

    Actually my mom is a hairstylist and she says that washing your hair depends on the person. For me washing my hair everyday or every other day works very well

  21. Diamond Grahamz says

    There wasn't a single black person in this video. Let that sink in…

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