9 Things Close Female Friends Just Get

9 Things Close Female Friends Just Get
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  1. Lenka Chládková says

    i'm not even counting the times people thought we were a lesbian couple

  2. She looks like bianca from eastenders!!! People from the UK will know who that is… maybe some others? I don't know but she really does!

  3. Patience Wallace says

    This felt stereotypical. Like my BFF would have given me a lecture on why to not call an ex. Our parties turn into trying to talk but hardcore sleep.

  4. animerochs says

    yo. where are the karaoke sessions? I call BS

  5. Holy Jesus says

    Uggghhh that's so boring that's why I rather have guy BFF

  6. Caitlyn O'Shield says

    Is it ok that I say ily to my BFF and we are both girls?

  7. jordyn d. says

    So Im openly gay and my friend is straight so we're very close and like we're on each other time and people always think we're dating or some idiot will shout "gaaayy" at us from across the street

  8. R̸i̸n̸ L̸ Y̸e̸e̸ says

    completely random,I love her freckles

  9. Mjs life says

    Friend: I'm just going to get changed in the bathroom so don't come in
    Close friend: k don't look I'm gonna get changed
    Best friend: do u wanna get a n this shower w me it's really warm!? (Best friend strips in front of u and u compare boobs)
    Am I weird or…

  10. Kennedy Thede says

    is it sad that none of my friends are like this?

  11. Music Psycho says

    he was fun . ya . he broke ur heart . hahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Saffir says

    This is me and my BFF
    We even call each other sisters and we met in October

  13. bln_ says

    how can you hate downton abby?!

  14. LeBonBon V2 says

    I'm British,and can I just say we sound nothing like that…

  15. IceQueen 789 says

    this is me and my friends except the wine… I'm only 12

  16. Jennifer Smith says

    I am only here to comment that I went to the park with my friends and there were two girls just standing face to face while brushing each others hair behind their ears. They also knew one of my male friends who went to the park with me and they started brushing his hair behind his ears (Even though his hair is super short). It was just a really weird experience.

  17. SansTheDork :3 says

    And like, when you say that you love your best friend, guy or girl, you just get that stare from people around you. I've learned to ignore it though.

  18. Chim Chim's Suga Kookies says

    this is me

  19. Emi says

    This is Tinker Bell and Ariel

  20. awesome asssdsdlsfdgddf says


  21. NinjaPiano says

    Literally me and my squad

  22. Baekhyun's Thighs says

    grape wine :3

  23. Kendall Beu says

    My bff walked in the room wile I was pooping and we just talked 😂

  24. EmoIsAGreatThing XD says

    lol xD me and my best friend tyler yes hes a guy and im a girl we live together im axseual hes gay and we just walk around the house butt naked sometimes but usually we are wearing underwear and i wear i bra naked is that weird i dont think so people i also have a girl best friend that is a girl aswell and she us biesexual and we touch eachother boobs to compare sizes it's to funny 😂😂😂😕😑

  25. Destiny Dawn says

    best friends can watch porn together just to laugh at the acting

  26. Spaceymad says

    Not all girls talk like this XD

  27. msnoahxlukefan says

    My best friend just walks in the bathroom when I'm taking a bath, and it's not even weird.
    Just like- "…..Sup? Wanna just hang out in here? Alright then."

  28. msnoahxlukefan says

    Friends: "I like your shirt."
    Close friends: "I love your bra!"
    Best friends: "Nice boobs!"

  29. Stella says

    I was like YAY DOWNTON ABBEY and then when they said they hated it…. HOWWWWWWWWWWWW IT IS SUCH AN AMAZING SHOW AHHHHHH

  30. Annaliese Halgren says

    You know your best friends when you've seen eachother naked.

  31. Kat Caffrey says

    ugh the acting is so bad

  32. Jr says

    bff sharing like every thing bathroom breaks, food, boy division, the dibs game, period cramps, pads, when your pooping, clothes, bras, shoes, dresses, money, favbands,your worst fears, best boyfreinds, fail stories just like everything

  33. Kimmy Olay says


  34. Baekhyun's Thighs says

    Im only 9 and i have ALL of this happen to me…

  35. Sarahakhader says

    my bestfriend n i sometimes squeeze each others boobs….
    dont judge me ..

  36. Maddie says

    Downton Abbey is the best c'mon! Stop being so hateful towards it!

  37. Fabulous Kelly says

    & when you both text the same thing at the same time somehow because you're sorta mentally synced and we're thinking the same thing.

  38. Yin Yin says

    "Sometimes I talk like this I get all the man." hahahahaa u should try to talk to president in this wayy #imsureu'llgethim

  39. Kitty says

    I have some really close friends

    Buuuuuut I've never met any of them in real life.

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