A Dermatologist Answers Questions About Skincare

A Dermatologist Answers Questions About Skincare
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  1. Imorre Flora says

    why is everybody being so harsh to the dermatologist ? she has more knowledge on this than any of you will

  2. Anathema Device says

    This dermatologist is straight up a quack

  3. Chestnut King says

    All the people on this comment section are Dermatologist they know better than the actual dermatologist on the video.

  4. Unicorn Girl says

    Take a shot everytime Nina awkwardly touched her face

  5. Tyem Nanyi Christopher says

    Thanks for making this video.

  6. Sweet Beautiful Orbs says

    She’s been a Dermatologist for 20 Years so she needs to update herself on the Latest Information. Oily Skin people must moisturize as well. Coconut Oil isn’t the best. Nose Strips can make your Pores bigger. There were some things she said that were just Not right.

  7. Carli Rheann says

    Hi I'm a licensed skin therapist, I just wanna say 99% of this is not correct. THE NUMBER ONE PRODUCT TO RECOMMEND SHOULD ALWAYS BE SUNSCREEN, ALL YEAR.

  8. HannahP says

    “Sulfer” “benzoyle” … can they find someone who can spell

  9. Laura Esther says

    The caveman treatment really works. I used to buy all sorts of products to treat my acne and NOTHING worked! Then I stopped washing my face and using products. I only rinse my face with water now and use regular face mask like twice a month and I don’t have acne anymore. It COMPLETELY disappeared. It took like 2 months after I started, for my acne to go away and I have been doing this for 5 years now and my face looks better than ever.

  10. leahlushhxo says

    A lot of people are saying she sucks…she doesn’t. She’s giving the best general advice she can. Skin cares is sooo complicated.

  11. Megan Alex Banks says

    i love how they used a photo of Atlanta for the dirty city environment.

  12. Elizabeth Kim says

    This is definitely Bella Thorne’s dermatologist

  13. Kenia Ana says


  14. Zavier Fabijan says

    Biore strips do pull out the gunk inside your pores but they have such a temporary effect. If you aren't deep cleaning your skin, especially after a nose strip, with something like salisylic acid or glycolic acid, retinoid, or something, your nose is going to look exactly how it did before in a few days.
    A lot of people also believe that pores can shrink in size and that's completely false. If anything cleaning it will make them appear smaller or gone because there's nothing to see in there but it'll all be back. If it's a big concern with you do your research, maybe look into different types of acids to use maybe a couple times a week or if your skin can handle it, every night. Acids aren't terrible scary things, just learn which one is for you, how potent do you need it to be and how frequently you need to use it so you can look squeaky clean!

  15. Brianna Ford says

    The spelling of the chemical names in the popup captions is horrible.

  16. Dawson McSpadden says


  17. The Wiccan Way says

    I have one word for you people, accutane

  18. Zenobia Williams says

    💕💞❤️ Can you get some estheticians to answer questions like these? Ashley White, Tiara Willis, Hadiyah Dache, Nayamka Roberts-Smith, & Sean Garrette are very well informed on the topic of skin & I would love to see them answer some questions like this 💖💕💞

  19. Bridgettepaulina says

    LA Beautiologist would not approve!!!

  20. akua baryeh says

    this made me scared to go to a dermatologist. some of the things she recommended were obviosouly wrong.

  21. Alison Schiffiano says

    I'm not a Dermatologist but I am an Esthetician, and I think every one needs to moisturize. The reason people who have oily skin are oily because there skin is overcompensating for the lack of moisture, so it begins to produce more oil. Once you find the skin care regimen that's right for your skin type, your skin will start to balance itself out.

  22. Jennifer Montoya says

    Dr. Dray has joined the chat

  23. starlight says

    Benzoyl peroxide is a lifesaver
    But idk if recommending bioré strips/ apricot scrubs is great, my dermatologist said not to

  24. Love_Hate says

    Id l'v to get that!

  25. Bella Jenkins says

    I’ve got acne all over my chin even tho I’m only 20

  26. ariahna bryte says

    The only thing I use is micelar water

  27. RandomRevival27 says

    Is there a reason behind where acne is located?

  28. saphide says

    Also, all dermatologists I have seen told me not to use scrubs when you have acne because it gets worse since you actually need to be very gentle with acne skin

  29. saphide says

    Well that's weird.. Coconut oil is actually one of the worst oils to use in general because its clogging pores. I don't have particularly oily skin at all, I have acne but it's not oily and coconut oil is SO BAD for my skin. You have other kinds of oils to dissolve makeup which don't clog your pores such as sunflower oil

  30. Stephanie says

    Watch mixed makeup, thats the only advice i would trust 😂

  31. Yafet Official says

    I’m 19 and use anti aging products it’s that bad?

  32. Yafet Official says

    Do a how to get famous video 🙁

  33. Märtha Lindström says

    It would be Nice i you include some men and not only women bc we all need skinnare

  34. TheFoodieHead says

    So which facial scrub brands do you recommend that have fine scrubbies?

  35. Keirxi says

    Where is Susan Yara when you need her??

  36. Hannah Iqbal says

    Hey I’m 16 and I’ve had acne for years I can’t afford to go to a dermatologist and my doctor isn’t helping…I have oily skin and a mixture of whiteheads and cysts and a lot of hyperpigmentation…I’ve tried tons of products like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid along with a lot of natural products aswell…if anyone has any recommendations for me to try then please tell me

  37. Laurathor says

    Where'd they find this hack? Craig's list?

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