A Girl Hypnotized Her Boyfriend For The First Time

A Girl Hypnotized Her Boyfriend For The First Time
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  1. Pencil AK says

    Its so fake

  2. LarissaInAction says

    defenitly fake

  3. Hey_demons_its_me,_ya_boi says

    ´_["/]_/' I failed the shrug emoticon

  4. ThatØneWeirdø says

    Man, I love me a good hypnosis video

  5. Alma Diaz says

    So cute!!!😍😍😍

  6. Alma Diaz says

    So cute!!!!!!!!

  7. Mal K says

    Needed to be 5x longer.

  8. Ibn Battuta says

    She wouldn't need to hypnotize me. If I was lucky enough to to have her as a girlfriend, I'd do whatever she said, no questions asked

  9. ScreamQueen says

    I don't buy it

  10. The Ungame Spyro Dragon says

    You'll never take me and my boyfriend Caleb Curtis alive

  11. Ronja Lysholm says

    This is not how hypnotizing works!!

  12. Next Level Toys says

    lol wow amazing😂

  13. mynameisjeff hi says


  14. Alexandre Adams says

    Wow that was fake

  15. Darth Vader says

    Creepy af

  16. faruk rusti says

    so fake

  17. fartytarquare says


  18. Daisy Kagamine says

    She's called cookie?! Such an awesome name!

  19. hannah says

    I don't believe this at all

  20. GreenIeaf says

    Yeaaaah so believableeeee suuuuure

  21. Henry Kim says

    Buzz feed try guys hypnosis pleasee

  22. ourjunji says

    I can't get away from Kookie! But if only her husbands name was Jimin.. that would be everything.

  23. Brat :o says

    I really like the sound of her voice

  24. letha weapo says

    interracial couples are disgusting.

  25. Xander - Gaming & More!! says

    I wish I could get hypnotized to get more hardworking.

  26. Joe_Vlogs101 says


  27. athena_xo says

    Her boyfriend was so cute ^-^ <3

  28. Heartofadragon says


  29. hakey fat boy says

    The boy in the thumbnail looks a lot like RiceGum from an angle.

  30. tatiana sierra says

    I wish I had the girls adorable voice.

  31. Foreternity says

    fake af

  32. Alyssa Alfano says

    Can we talk about the stuffed walrus

  33. Ethan Noumenon says

    Could you imagine trusting a friend enough to make this permanent?

    i dont know if i shoul-


    That would be great

  34. Emi M says

    Hypnotizing someone is essentially just getting someone comfortable enough with you that they feel safe and relaxed.

  35. ichimatsu says

    this is so pure and innocent, i lov

  36. H4CK 41D says

    I highly doubt hypnotherapy would work on me

  37. LaneyIsHere says

    he sounds Like Donald trump in the beginning

  38. 吴Amanda says

    she look a little bit like Emma Watson

  39. highafchihuahua says

    This dude looks like handsome squidward

  40. MiaPlayz Bam says

    GF: you trust me right BF: yeah GF: sleep BF: … GF: MUAHHAHAHA

  41. Big Boss says

    I hypnotized a girl once. she is now pregnant 😀

  42. EH Outdoors! says


  43. Emma Woods says

    this looks so fake

  44. Mia Fields says

    _ _
    ___|^ ~^|____/

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