A look inside the original Macintosh

A look inside the original Macintosh
I meet up with Youtube Creator iJustine at a massive retro tech warehouse in Brooklyn called “E-Waste”. Inside this tech warehouse, Justine and I open up the …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. BlaccBenz says

    This all feels so fake, like those lame tv shows.

  2. battleforevermore says


  3. Oskars Gredzens says

    Please iBitch, please delete your self and shovel face ftom internet. Yes including youtube.

  4. adamlee007 says

    Less than 3 mins? Wtf. Really

  5. J_laubster says

    only had 125k of ram, couldn't even hold a self picture…but wait ram isn't the same as computer storage, i feel like that is misleading

  6. Kermit of Rivia says

    Goddam, Marques tappin iJustine's Apple sized box…
    Dude moving up places.

  7. Terrance Thomas says

    Didn’t even open the door for her lol savage

  8. Madhu Sudhan says

    Unscrews panel of Macintosh and says we took it apart,
    Jerry rigs everything: am I a joke to you..!!

  9. Gowtham Vicky says

    Lucas and Maxine…

  10. XATAN says

    this….this is fucking trash.

  11. TheReal_ist says

    Could they have just tried to act normal in this vid. Jesus Christ so uncanney valley……🤢🥴

  12. Prabhav Dhanesha says

    Zack laughs like a little lego.

  13. Electryx says

    Baidu is better than Google

  14. COMBO says

    Make video of Sega Dreamcast

  15. DigToKnow says

    As weird as it sounds
    But together they have a very good on screen presence

  16. Jay says

    Marques has the personality the same as a banana

  17. Sumit Kumar says

    This felt weird…

  18. uabir says

    Justine sucks. Nuff said.

  19. Hari Haran says

    Don't break it or apple will need your life savings and all your organs to fix it.

  20. Tenpenny says

    I want a porno featuring you two.

  21. Jack Mulligan says


  22. Jason C. says

    MKBHD and iJustine getting married?

  23. Kelvsss Dc says

    bangggg heeer!

  24. ShadowKrueger says

    35 years ago the world was changed forever 🍎

  25. TheKeiToLife Vlogs says

    My how times have changed and evolved!! ❤️ thank you for this video!

  26. LUpilot2012 says

    Please get married.

  27. TheGreatCK Experience says

    First of all there were so many double meaning jokes at and around 0:30 to 0:55 .

    Then this idiot lady who knows basically nothing spits out some facts like one selfie on the iphone wouldn't even fit in here and shit (ofcourse marques told her that)
    She doesn't even know what tech is,

    Third of all, screwing out a couple of screws and removing the back and 1 floppy disk is NOT a BREAKDOWN. It is simply a gimmick any one from the 2000s can remember.

    Only way this video made sense because it had good funding and MKBHD was involved

    Thanks marques for saving this video.

  28. What's Inside? says

    That is a nice look inside. I'd touch the CRT:)

  29. Harjass Gambhir says

    we need jerry here…. he would have organised the screws!

  30. Jerry Bhai says

    He should bring jerrrigeverything but he called ijustin so he can bang her all over night

  31. Jimmy's Movie Drawing says

    Those sign are amazing, that’s the DNA of Apple

  32. The Tantric Sage says

    It's like seeing two high school kids explaining their science project. I love you MKBHD, but this isn't your forte. Checkout The 8-bit guy for retro tech.

  33. Vaishnav Jois says

    Shortest video of 2019

  34. Jaisson says

    why she tried to be funny all the time

  35. Deepak Sharma says

    Call jerryrigeverything

  36. Lucas Nehoray says

    Ijustine- I want to have my birthday party here !
    Mkbhd- uncomfortable laugh

  37. ramuk73 says

    Goddamn it Marques you made my childhood into a vintage prop…

  38. Caleb djk says

    MKBHD and IJustine make a great couple ❤️

  39. Cleos Jericho Estrada says

    JerryRigEverything want to know your location

  40. Ammar Arshad says

    Dude can you please go back to normal videos, I hate these YouTube originals and YouTube red stuff. Please marques come back

  41. Aseel Hamza says

    I shit tine 💩

  42. Benjamin Malave Jr. says

    The only personal computes I've ever owned were smartphones.

  43. Adam S. says

    This video didn't show up in my subscription box.

  44. rao siddharth says

    You could have done with other tech people who actually knows and respects tech other than ijustine
    ijustine is straight up shit

  45. CJ Harvey says

    At 0:45 Marques looked like, “Excuse me? Don’t tell me what to do.” Lmbo

  46. Michael Griffiths says

    Apple could still sell this junk for a couple of grand a pop and Apple fans would still buy them and swear that it's better than anything else.

  47. BRTARD says

    We want tech, not some "Youtube creator" we dont care about.

  48. Carpet Bombing says

    0:27 That's what she said

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