A Week's Worth Of Slow Cooker Dinners Under $50 • Tasty

A Week's Worth Of Slow Cooker Dinners Under $50 • Tasty
Cook a week’s worth of food for under $50! You’ll be balling on a budget this year! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: https://bzfd.it/shoptastyyoutube Subscribe to …

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  1. Morelia Toma says

    I have the tasty app and I got a notifcation saying exactly this title, now that i think about it I know why they upload so much

  2. Constance Connie says

    What if you have a pressure cooker?

  3. jafar dirie says

    So gooooood!😃

  4. Ja4n says

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  5. Gus Oliver says

    Do you think it is possible to make Indian or Thai curries with a slow cooker?

  6. 50$ for a meal? wasting money much?

  7. LeAny says

    YUmmmmmmmyyyy 💖🤗🙋‍♀️😘

  8. Marisa Cohen says

    Pretty sure this is worth way more than $50… I’ll just continue to reheat nachos and takis

  9. Cosmic_Aria says

    i wish we had pre-made biscuit mixes in australia. it's such a pain to have to make everything from scratch all the time ;~;

  10. Cosmic_Aria says

    I feel like there should be a disclaimer with Kidney Beans when using a slowcooker that you absolutely have to use CANNED beans and that it's not just a suggestion. cause if someone decides to substitue raw ones in a slowcooker you could poison someone. Kidney beans can't get cooked hot enough and long enough in a slowcooker to not be toxic af. That is specifically why the recipe calls for canned beans. either that or you have to pre-cook them at temperature for at least 30 minutes before putting them in the slow cooker.

  11. Nylak Otter says

    Holy crap, that's expensive. How many people are you feeding?

  12. TheDuke07 says

    If you want to make a week's worth of meals for 50 bucks try not using 2 dozen something ingredients

  13. Anukriti Cooking Recipes says

    How fast is milk?

    It’s pasteurized before you know it.

  14. Great recipe. Thanks for sharing 👍👍👍

  15. Steven Le says

    It's weird that you guys randomly switched to metric for the last dish, and that's coming from a Canadian.

  16. Lil_youngan says

    How about a giant Twinkie

  17. cat_ dog says

    Who likes benjwatching tasty videos

  18. Booty says

    Not to mention this is so healthy , y is tasty tryin to kill everybody in a week. Hahahahahaha

  19. بطاقة says

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  20. Shaaz Andrade says

    Same dude

  21. abc says

    i wish you can deliver that here

  22. Cryheadjrj18 Gaming says

    I am the bold man

  23. Cryheadjrj18 Gaming says


  24. khan Gharana Lifestyle says

    Me and my Sister make vlogs please from Pakistan please watch our videos and support us JazakAllah khair 🇵🇰❤️🙏

  25. fixngobble TV says

    I can count the numbers of times I have touched my slow cooker. Smh

  26. PokesByAlex says

    who in the world spends 50 bucks a week for food ?!

  27. Red's Studio says

    Lol I’m eating one off there recipes right now

  28. علي ابو منصر says


  29. MikeyD Goumba Gourmet says

    Just cooked up this cheesy Risotto. 🙂 https://youtu.be/546Yk7IhOOY

  30. Steve Logan says

    I'm 56, Irishman, recently retired & fairly new to the internet. I thought all the folks who were posting "first" or whatever got a gift for that etc…, but no, & you all need to see a doctor, you have OCD, seriously. How about a post of what you think of the food, especially if you have tried it, & let us folks that cook know whether you thought it was good or not.

  31. Viviana Muniz says

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought you couldn't cook beans in a slow cooker?? And wine??

  32. CalebTheHolyman says

    These people are high on crack if they think I can get all these ingredients under $50. Where y'all shopping, Thailand?

  33. H恵美子 says

    That is definitely not a week worth of food for a family though.

  34. Steve Logan says

    Nice recipes, i would eat them all.

  35. 두놈들Two Guys Recipe says

    I'like tasty

  36. ПП еда says


  37. Abu Huraira says

    I hate when I go to the kitchen for food and all I find are ingredients

  38. AnthonyandHollyann says

    I love tasty. My husband and I are big fans of your channel, and it inspires us to want to cook more and more.

  39. Cody Muller says

    Slow cooked chicken is so bad. Idk why they insist on making any slow cooker recipes with chicken in them

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