Accidentally Touching Someone’s Junk

Accidentally Touching Someone’s Junk
How do you know what you’re touching half the time, anyway?” Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! MUSIC Whistle …

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  1. unique LUNA says

    soo funny

  2. Vuk 93 says

    You move to Alabama 🙄

  3. Vìčtørïå Søø says

    1:27 WhAt ArE yOu DoInG sTePbRoooo

  4. Cean yoj Setnac says


  5. Cresensiya Anton says


  6. V S says

    I used to work in a gift shop and I was standing near the entrance and a customer comes in and I really dont know what to think about it cuz I was 16 at the time, this tall guy and kinda muscular walked by me and as he walked by he swung his hand into my crotch! lol And I mean it swung with the palm open and his hand literally cupping my crotch and pushing it up givin it a bounce. The guy just turned to look at me and looked away as if nothing really happened! I was embarrassed because when it happened I was caught by surprise because it felt good too. like any rubbing gets me going so it didnt matter if it was a guy or a girl I would have felt the same sensation of a hand in my crotch.

  7. Jason Brockmeyer says

    1:40 might I suggest Alabama?

  8. Alex FAN Nice person says

    Uhh ;-; no



  10. [ maddie ] says

    this happened in science today to my friend.. he and i were fighting over a fake spider (don’t ask why) and it was in his hoodie pocket so i put my hand in his hoodie’s pocket but his hoodie stretched down and he acted really surprised (probably cause we’re 13) but i didn’t know and he was SO shocked and was like “MADDIE!” but i didn’t know why so i went to my locker but i passed him in the halls and asked where the toy spider was and he said it was still in his hoodie and told me NOT to get it cause i accidentally touched you know what earlier and now i don’t want to talk to him cause i’m embarrassed, what do i doooo

  11. Nikhil Jagtap says

    Here's my story.
    I was walking down the stairs, there was one girl behind (on the upper stair behind) me who was my crushs' good friend.
    And stairs were heavily crowded. And I somehow felt I left my bags zipper unzipped so without turning I just put my hand behind to check, and it straight went into the girls vagina. It felt warm and soft so I turned and I was already having 5 heat attacks at once. I said sorry in a hurry she said it's okay and then I never looked at her direction for solid 3 years.

  12. Marlou Alonde says

    I was sleeping next to him and his hot actually (my dad) and since his wearing his boxer briefs while sleeping i turned around and my hand landed right directly on his penis and i didnt even notice since i was sleeping too and then i squished it and squished it so many times cause i thought it was my little stuff toy he did not wake up tho i just woke up with my hand on his penis (i was still squishing it btw)

  13. Marlou Alonde says

    I did that to my dad

  14. Krissytal 10 says

    imagine you walking down the street’s sidewalk with a friend and this middle aged lady standing on the sidewalk with her friend talking extravagantly and all of a sudden, you get a quick, firm hand to the face. yeah not a good feeling especially with all those rings bro

  15. Thang Dang says

    I'm ok by the way it is just a actesdent yuck

  16. Harley Queen says

    When I'm a 10 year old boy I accidentaly touch my crush's penis who is 15 years old that time. And I like it.

  17. Dark Angel says

    I accidentally did that to a boy in my class in 5th grade

  18. Hernes Poldsamaa says

    Has someone had This moment When you are Infront of the Class , Reading Somethink Idk And A boner Pops out From Nowhere.

  19. Trinity •• says

    Oof I know that feeling

  20. Batman says

    You think that's embarrassing?

    One time I was sitting down with my friend on the bleachers (who was a guy) and we were just talking and then his friend headlocked him backwards so he was laying down and then he randomly pushed me into his lap! So from another person's perspective it looked like I was sucking his *censor*. Yeah…

  21. Scarlet Bailey says

    One of my guy friends accidentally put his head on my crotch area and he was really awkward about it. But I hardly noticed so he was like nvm.

  22. Scarlet Bailey says

    My guy BFF almost smacked my butt when we were walking with some of our other friends.
    All of us laughed so hard lmao

  23. Illona Krutiy says

    I started dying as soon as the video started😂

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