ACTS OF STUPIDITY thankfully caught on CAMERA

ACTS OF STUPIDITY thankfully caught on CAMERA
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  1. Puppy Kid1233 says

    The eye ball thing is a phobia I have it too

  2. Dareen AF says

    1:53 cat backrund

  3. John Smith says

    The blade of the chainsaw does not turn unless you pull the trigger on the handle. So actually starting the chainsaw that way is perfectly safe although it looks very funny and dangerous. The thing with a ladder on the stairwell actually looks pretty safe to me

  4. John Smith says

    If it weren’t for you I would not watch these videos, of course to be honest I did turn the volume on mute because what you say and how you say it is not interesting but annoying. I would rather just look at you

  5. Dark_Galaxy Fire says

    We’re the frick is the guys other leg??!?!???

    ……my cat loves water but doesn’t like us to put water on him he literally goes into the shower after I used it and puts his head under the water because it leaks and rolls around in the shower so yeah my cat loves water

  6. sea sub says

    I had af cat that liked water

  7. Zippy Kat says

    Some of these ppl… My grandfather will be up there…:(

  8. SnootySnooters says

    That’s why you declaw cats

  9. *smoll friey* says

    I actually had a cat that let us give it a bath he liked it😅

  10. Dayana Vazquez says

    4:53 he said s wearing gloves 🧤 they are just skin color

  11. Beata Matwiejczuk says

    wait- for the debit card one… can't WE ALSO USE HER CARD NUMBER?!?!?! Like I wouldn't but some people would

  12. Broken Nightmare bonnie says

    10:38 azzy… now us viewers can use the hoomanz Visa card

  13. My kittys love the water 😁

  14. Omg😂

  15. Miguel says

    both my cats like water

  16. I’m eating a banana as I’m watching this OwO


  17. Fluffy Hamster says

    Why do these people take pics instead of helping?

  18. TordeliciousTom says

    The only good thing about the contact jewelry is that you can pull the string to get the contact out easily

  19. Caroline VanRaalten says

    Azzzy said, “You’re gonna TRIGGER people.”
    No pun intended. Good job sweetheart

  20. Mr. RED says

    There's a tazer phone case and it works

  21. ItzGachaTiger says

    I’ve never heard Azzy say a curse word! I thought this day will never come😂😂😂

  22. Kara Biel says

    Ha🤭 I have a male cat Heath, after Heath Ledger, he walks into the shower with anyone who's in it! 🤦🤷

  23. Buddy Plays says

    “Think long and hard it will be there.”-Azzy 2018

  24. My cat likes water

  25. Who heard what she said in her outro……….im dying 🤣🤣🤣

  26. Angelica Schuyler Church says

    My cat likes water….

  27. maggeymae says

    R.I.P. 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  28. I think my cat is weird bc she likes water like she will in her water bowl an just stare

  29. lanah graham says

    Azzy I don't know what you're talking about my cat likes baths. She took a shower with me once and takes baths with almost no fuss if you're petting her while she takes her bath.

  30. Benjicutiegamer101 says

    Search up grian or mumbo cats They LOVE water

  31. Bailey Aldridge says

    My blood type is A+

  32. Hyun Jung Shin says

    Is she Christian

  33. Olivia Speers says

    The number of likes is many scratches you will get if you tried the contacts

  34. Lemony the Lemon says

    Comments are great and not haunting me yet c:…… when do this was good

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