Adults Review Toys // Little Live Pets Cleverkeet

Adults Review Toys // Little Live Pets Cleverkeet
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  1. pyunga says

    Is it weird that while I was watching this I choked on Nutella?

  2. Jelena Wetten says

    I have to say Chantel is my favorite from Buzzfeed!!

  3. Lily says


  4. Abel Hernandez says

    I want Sara's soul.

  5. Julian says

    lol i have a cleverkeet

  6. Lichi Chung says


  7. えみこ says

    I thought the date for this video said Oct 31 2016 and I was like ITS FROM THE FUTURE nope, just stupid.

  8. Ivy Newwhen says

    I want it so frecklin bad

  9. Piper Lichtl says

    I am TERRIFIED of that toy!

  10. anon says

    this toy scared the life out of me

  11. Alice Somemoore says


  12. Laurel Cook says

    I have a real bird and I think it's less fun when they are real 😂

  13. Crazy Chocolate says

    I have this

  14. _Mouse 0904 says

    Am I the only one who thought the noise that the the bird made when it fell was hilarious

  15. k low772 says

    my five year old cousin has that thing she said it was 25

  16. k low772 says

    my five year old cousin has that thing she said it was 25

  17. AnnaBelle Ericsson says

    you should do this again.

  18. Diane Brynley says

    they should make the little live pet review thing a series

  19. I'm Tired says

    You should review the TY toys…they are adorable af…

  20. kmg1043 says

    creepy AF!!!!!

  21. Virtual Ari says

    Chantel is literally me, I mean "I love cute stuffed animals and any cute animals.", "opening presents is one of my favorite things to do." Also, I apologize if I didn't spell her name right.

  22. Snehahaahaa says

    Am I the only one who got creeped out by the bird, thinking that its actually possessed?

  23. Soleil Vivero says

    1:35 I thought it was the parrot who cussed 😂

  24. Sims says

    I have that pink haired girls shirt.
    Got it from H&M for like 15 bucks a year or two ago.

    Sweet find.

  25. Owen S says

    Is it sad that I watch BuzzFeed at midnight?

  26. Madison Dolphinfield says

    how did u get clip thing off bird please help

  27. Miss Believer says

    My family has a lot of parrots and I know a lot about them so it's REEEEEAAAAAALY weird to watch this because the whole time I've been like "Why is he that color?" "That's the incorrect plumage for a parakeet." And I just can't stop. 😭

  28. Any Acevedo says

    Please!!!!!!! Bring back this

  29. dancin' Outfits says

    I have two parakeets

  30. Rachel Musick says

    Are you guys gonna do more videos like this?

  31. sabrina says

    I laughed so hard every time the bird fell and made that satanic screeching sound

  32. Perry Sy says

    "Are you hunted… by a soul of a dead bird!?"

  33. alyshaw101 says

    I laughed too hard at Bird drop #3.

  34. MissKitKat says

    Did anyone else feel bad for the bird whenever they dropped it?

  35. Tinkara Praznik says

    I want this

  36. Debra Grace says

    this series needs to be watched by more people XD

  37. My cousins live 3,000 miles away from me, so I only see them like every 2 years, and my little cousin didn't really care that we were there for a short period of time, and all the time she would play with this toy.

  38. Space Girl says

    this is creepy as fuk

  39. Big Gay says

    so do they get to keep the stuff?

  40. Kim Curtis says


  41. rai pika pi says

    the bird drop made me laugh so hard because it squawked every time

  42. Matches_Malone says

    Sara's like cute, pretty and hot all at the same time

  43. Bella Far says

    I'm fin scared ba cause his laugh doe

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