AirPods Pro Review: Imperfectly Perfect!

AirPods Pro Review: Imperfectly Perfect!
AirPods Pro are the best non-best headphones you can buy. Follow on Twitter: dbrand AirPods Pro: SnazzyQ …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Anshul Jaiswal says

    icon x has been doin all of these since 2015 with 4gb of inbuilt memory

  2. Priyank K. says

    This video got me even more confused whether to buy or not. Thanks MKBHD πŸ˜‚

  3. Lee Squires says

    Use your Apple Watch to change the volume. You have one.

  4. *EAGLE* a c e says

    Me : America
    Marques : Planet


    But only real techies have the iPhone 9

  6. Kanamarlapudi Akhil says


  7. Mohit Rangee says

    Abey O Kaluae… Airpods iJustine ki gand me dal le

  8. Carel Andersent says

    I can't find the giveaway on twitter. Is it over already?

  9. Usama Pal says

    i need them give them to me

  10. Ashish Dhingra says

    Dat thumbnail though πŸ‘Œ

  11. Nathan Bowersox says

    Can you control that noise cancellation feature on android?

  12. Donald Trump says

    Man, I get sick from these dirty black hands..

  13. Mo Alomari says

    If you don't want to watch the video..
    You should buy the air pods because this 2:22

  14. Triggered Insaan says


  15. Mugul says


  16. Astra D says

    my name is jeff

  17. Jaywye says

    Thumbnail is 10/10

  18. Dakota Tube 2 says

    Getting my pair of AirPods Pro in a couple of days so excited!!

  19. ZekeTheBeaver says

    I was maybe gonna but then but they cost 400$ here so nah I’m good

  20. muhammad aidil says

    Why dont ya review the galaxy buds?! Fucking bias tech youtuber πŸ™„πŸ€¨πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜’

  21. k0rni992 says

    It’s very badly designed product. Avarage lifespan of headphones was 2-12 years of use – in this price category definitely 5+ with higher fidelity than AirPods will probably be able to achieve. Now it’s just plastic garbage that gets easily lost, cost a fortune and cannot be repaired. Will be bricked after 1,5-2 years because of irreversible battery depletion… Good job apple!

  22. Its_your_boy_ gaz says

    Love the thumbnail! ❀️

  23. Immanuel O. says

    Marques: "a lot of different earbuds have come through the studio"

    Also Marques: *completely ignores and never reviews Galaxy Buds

  24. Adarsha S K says

    Nice thumbnail

  25. Mo Alomari says

    I just came to say
    Nice clickbait , bye

  26. pharrell says

    what is that hairline tho

  27. Khalil Hussain says

    Waiting for my new airpods. With the new feature, The price.

  28. scholar5 says

    Literally gave a β€œlike” for just the thumbnail πŸ˜‚

  29. Roshan Passi says

    Liked the video just because of thumbnail πŸ˜€

  30. Bot8432 says

    anyone else clicked this just cause the thumbnail looked cool

  31. Suboohi Shaikh says


  32. Rohit Eligeti says

    Ya new airpod is quite cool

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