Alexis Reacts To Her 5 Biggest Cooking Fails • Tasty

Alexis Reacts To Her 5 Biggest Cooking Fails • Tasty
After the garlic catching on fire, I didn’t even know how I was going to redeem myself. Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: Subscribe to …

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  1. Antoine Washington says

    My dad put the same season of the tacos and chicken stripes

  2. Lucía says

    I swear, when she said "inconsistent" I thought she was going to say "inconceivable!" and I was prepared for the second best use of that word ever 😂

  3. Purple Shadow Black Diamond says

    Make a three coursed meal with nothing, literally nothing.

  4. Apple Song says

    Waffle maker next

  5. G. Clone says

    She is not working with Tasty anymore 😐 . DM me at @TheNew_Alex on Instagram and I'll show you a message from Alexis if you don't trust me . Thank you Alexis 🙏🏻

  6. Who Cares says

    Alexis is one of my favorite Tasty chefs!

  7. OurHeroXero says

    ALEXIS!!! I've missed you and your videos <3

  8. Monique F says

    I loved your series 💜💜❤️❤️❤️

  9. Sagichnicht says

    you should just learn some physics! Then you might get why the microwave is doing what its doing

  10. Sasha Velour says

    Her and rie should switch Alexis will do make it fancy then rie will do this challenge

  11. Sosh V says

    I like her tall hair 😭

  12. saitojharry says

    Alexis and her fluctuating confidence level every episode haha

  13. Steven Rodriguez says

    Luv your videos 😊

  14. Nerd0! says

    Alexis is men's name at Greek 🇬🇷, Alexis Tsipras

  15. El Bandito says

    Idk but to me salt and sugar dont even look the same. But wateve

  16. Noura Rose says

    Some peoples might see this as a big unforgivable mistake but for me it's added some comedy in already fun video 😂👌

  17. stay on lane says

    i want her to back to buzzfeed:(

  18. Cece T says

    This is amazing

  19. ArrowTheWolf says

    Well, what if she’ll put sugar instead of salt next season

  20. Christian Breitenstein says

    Some time ago, I was still a child, my mum used to bake her own bread.
    Bread with sugar instead of salt tastes – interesting. Not awful, not like much at all, not good either. xD

  21. 10k subs Without any video says


  22. Evlyn Samuel says

    Love you Alexis

  23. Beinerth Chitiva Machado says

    Man, Alexis is a QUEEN.

  24. Zerus Zephuros says

    It's Ok, you did great, really!

  25. Tameem says

    Her face😂😂

  26. Jim Dandy says

    I know how it is. When I was 12 I had sweaty jock itch and my dad told me to put corn starch on it. The only thing I could find in the cabinet was "corn meal" though and it didn't turn out well. It looked like a big ol' breaded catfish ready to be fried up.

  27. Johnny K. says

    I remembered this one ho had heated up food in a microwave too long & it smoked up the whole break room (she went to go do the supervisor from what I heard) like she said don't leave your food 😄

  28. Baby Shmacct says

    Ok but why is it over, I’m waiting for more Alexis is the best in fish out of water 😒☹️

  29. relz888 says


  30. Marco Ni says

    She is going to add sugar instead of salt next

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