Alix Reacts To Her First Behind Tasty Video • Tasty

Alix Reacts To Her First Behind Tasty Video • Tasty
“I haven’t really watched this since it came out, because it was such a traumatic experience” Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  1. Kristen Ibrahim says

    All these toxic comments.

  2. Lucy Mandle says

    Aww I’m so happy she’s back 🙂 and she looks so so so good in this

  3. Orcquita YT says

    Eww wtf wrong with her face

  4. Ema Nováková says

    I think I like the actual behind tasty better

  5. Cutie Outcomes says

    She looks so DIFFERENT it’s ADORABLE 😍

  6. RJ A says

    This video makes me selfish 😂

  7. Esther Butt says

    Hands up if your favourite is alix 🙋‍♀️

  8. Bianca Darling says

    I subscribed because of Alix because of her vibe

  9. Thomas A Jacob says

    All of us missed you and I think that you look cuter when you were fatter. No offense.

  10. Sarah Errington says

    She’s my favorite.

  11. she’s so gorgeous-

    i could never

  12. TheGooglySmoog says

    Is this a behind the scenes video for a behind the scenes video?

  13. YourgirlRAM says

    I love Alix. I've missed her in videos! She is so beautiful and very inspiring. 💖

  14. ItsJustLeon says

    Where he eyelashes though

  15. Oki Riawan says

    I never forget this from Alix :
    "I eat for pure enjoyment"

  16. Michelle Anwar says

    You're getting more and more beautiful~ love you alix 💛

  17. Boris Weber says

    What happened with her eyes?

  18. New Muslims Era says

    Are you sure she is the same girl??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  19. My2t1c says


  20. Snicker Bars says

    What happened to her….?
    Seems she is having some allergic reaction…..
    What happened….?

  21. Surayya Ibrahim says

    U look more younger more prett 💖 l mean now.
    Befyu look do cute 😘 I mean now also u look cute if u know what I mean

  22. Leandro Escobar says

    Is she Albino?

  23. remas alikhwan says

    Didn’t she leave

    But I’m glad she’s still here

  24. Kap00rwith2os says

    Alix is so adorable 😁

  25. Kenley Barney says

    Ok I don’t want to be rude but what happened to Alex’s face 🤷🏼‍♀️👩🏼

  26. Iqlima Humaira says

    That was the funniest video ever. Hahahhahahah

  27. Syntax Error says


  28. Tytiana Reeves says

    I missed Alix so much! Please come back full time. I miss my Alix and Rie videos 😫

  29. Smores Crush says

    I miss alix so much!! And her behind scenes

  30. Vanssell David says

    I miss seeing alix in tasty.

  31. Rosie Smith says

    I love you Alex bit where are your eyelashes

  32. Jailyn Hardin says

    Her skin looks so good and healthyyyy

  33. EL Plagua says

    Alix is bae af 😍😍😍 looks like she's been losing weight, I kinda liked her more when she was THICCC

  34. Ella Saluria says

    …i miss alix's cooking vids like this… I'm more on how alix tels the story rather than the food itself… 😂😂😂

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