Alvin Reacts To The Best "Making It Big" Episodes • Tasty

Alvin Reacts To The Best "Making It Big" Episodes • Tasty
Watch Alvin’s GIANT reactions to the best Making It Big episodes! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: Subscribe to Tasty: …

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  1. Speak Quickly says

    @8:00 Rie face-plants a giant marshmallow. Squishy noise and Alvin's reaction was too funny!

  2. BAKE IT MY WAY says
    I am a beginner in YouTube so pls do support me ☺☺☺

  3. Joe Reyes says

    Such a diva lol 😂
    Cute tho!!

  4. LeAny says


  5. Kathy Erickson says

    Rie and Alvin face planting in a giant marshmallow…priceless.

  6. winterraincloud says

    Oooo maybe giant bao buns or dim sums would be cool

  7. Master Oogway says

    Jukin media might claim the video is theirs

  8. Carmela Valencia says

    Alvin just cheering for himself on even though he knows it'll end up good is me whenever I rewatch any anime.

  9. Alex Moran says


  10. TheRedQueenGamer 20079 says

    I rly want Alvin to react a series of the try guys baking without a recipe

  11. Dylan Beatty says

    You guys can’t actually be so desperate for content you have the guy that makes the series react to his own series??

  12. Shadow Cat says

    I'd like to see Alvin make a giant Apple pie!!

  13. Carson Weber says

    Alvin also make a 100 pound food

  14. Carson Weber says

    Make a giant tacooooooo

  15. Jaydyn Martin says

    Alvin should make giant boneless wings

  16. Samantha Queen Tabios says

    Chance the editor 🤣 such a cute name

  17. Samantha Queen Tabios says

    You’re so cuuuute! 😂

  18. Alex Herkins says

    Alvin: puts head closer of laptop speaker even though he’s wearing headphones

  19. Jonathan Teutla says

    When buzzfeed and tasty run out of ideas for videos………

  20. Kimberlyn Lee says

    Alvin should make a giant pizza roll

  21. Shox N rox says

    Make giant food you would have at a baseball game. Like so Alvin see’s this.

  22. Sabrina Shirinzadeh says

    You should make a dig dumplings 🥟 or Mochi !!PLZ

  23. Minaal Cheema says

    My cheese stick — Lee Felix

  24. joshy Sifir says

    Der "Reaktions Koch"

  25. benjamin veen says

    They run out of iDeas

  26. Glenn Jeffers says

    Rie: Master of comedic timing.

  27. Vlad BlaBla says

    and.. why you made this video? just for fun? or you dont have enough ideas to make something new?

  28. Greg B says

    The food, your personalities, it's all awesome. Thanks for being you.

  29. Galvin Owens says

    Can you do giant dumpling

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