AMAZING INVENTIONS That Will Blow Your Mind !

AMAZING INVENTIONS That Will Blow Your Mind !
AMAZING INVENTIONS That Will Blow Your Mind ! SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome …

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  1. Luvly :3 says

    That is the car of the future. Literally #3:01

  2. -sunflowerUwU- says

    When will we see azzy finally buy and show these to us

  3. Edvinas Pielikys says

    I saw u

  4. Madison Duke says

    Did you know azzy does magic? If you give her chocolate she'll make it disappeare. Like if you get it

  5. Andy Ryan Briones says

    Azzy:woah thats alot of money!
    Rich kid:oh my gosh its cheap!

  6. Andy Moens says

    Jordy gets notificantion "Azzy did you eat all the cookis again!"

  7. Btsvminlove Army says

    I have self stirring mug

  8. leafy_chan xox says

    When the snow ball fell

    Me:gravity is working~

  9. We are all A pack says

    0:18 In my class we call that Big Brain Time 😆

  10. Zelie’s Sparkles says

    I literally had a snowball maker and thrower when I was five and That was a very long time ago

  11. SnowflakePheonix says

    Those cars that attach
    Now thats what I call Carpool

  12. MINDY Lee says

    "It has has a waterfall? I would go under if it was a really hot day. Actually it looks really powerful. Haha

  13. Milonde Essy says

    I don’t know where Azzy get these videos lmao new YouTuber please show me some love y’all

  14. Kitty Kat Official says

    It's so hard for me to wake up so I need the slapping hand so I can be early to school

  15. eh mer say says

    Why does azzy look more like an mom?

  16. dragonborn fun awsome games says

    oh no robots are taking over the world look away kids LOL

  17. Yamilet Cantu says

    5:16 those shoes came from Nokia phones

  18. Remote Gun says

    I'm sooo sorry but… the thumbnail looked like..ahem..
    The rubber guys use if they don't want to pay for child support for 18 years……

    I think y'all know now

  19. Jordan95 HD says

    Some of the best inventions I've ever seen! I love your look by the way, you look gorgeous, Azzy! ❤️

  20. Kim han Lu says

    What if someone stole the stroller

  21. Jia M.V. says

    I neeeeed those indurstructable shoes.😊

  22. Sole Galaxy says

    Glass is actually made of Quartz

  23. xXVioletFoxXx says

    They would spend 1,051,000 dollars for an entire year

  24. Ashley Muro says

    The sock slide is mainly for pregnant woman

  25. Little WeirdWolf says

    The last one amazed me

  26. Isaiah Rodriguez says

    Bruh you coping sssniperwoof does a video then you do the same thing 😭😭 .

  27. TinyMichaela Toolen says

    Or you could put dogs in it and carry them around in it it’s in the stroller by the way

  28. Nicholas Nope says

    Challenge: watch ur own vids at 2X speed

  29. Galaxian Wolfana says

    9:42 Nope sand comes from a fish that poops sand

  30. Amelia Lynn says

    Me: Is that is the U.S. I need * tells mom number one Christmas wish

  31. Amelia Lynn says

    Azzy: this is the only way to wake me up in the morning 🤣

  32. Tom Whale says

    You do a 300 degrees video

  33. Amy Kneser says

    Hey Azzzyland please make merch I would totally buy some and I real love you and I think you would come out with awesome merch.

  34. Lilah Kane says

    WOW. .

  35. Rashmi says

    Me to i don't know any key thats why i typed very slowwwwwwwwwww

  36. Abby Zhang says

    Eh huh eh huh I don’t wanna die

  37. Carly Shanahan says

    I don’t feel lazy any more

  38. Anita Santos says

    He can keep the rail fall

  39. Anita Santos says

    My dad makes $200 dollars a day

  40. Lance Hellums says

    my dad has the sock thing

  41. Kimberly Samson says

    Love you azzy

  42. Kimberly Samson says


  43. — gacha waffle — says

    Aztec:that car is like a bug/car

  44. Dylan Blackwell says

    Plz write a book!

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