Amazing Life Hacks For Hair! DIY Hair Hacks

Amazing Life Hacks For Hair! DIY Hair Hacks.
Look pretty with these amazing hair ideas by Blossom! Blossom presents super cool diy videos which you can create at home. Simple, quick and fun DIY arts …

Amazing Life Hacks For Hair! DIY Hair Hacks. #Amazing #LifeHacks #Hair #DIY #HairHacks
Source Blossom
  1. africawai says

    What is her name of the first model?

  2. sarahx87 says


  3. Natsuki the sticker version says

    Kids:tries it


  4. Sophia Uy says

    2:24 impossible!

  5. Camila xD says

    El del talco en el pelo no sirve

  6. Alistyr Marqueux says

    Use corn starch for greasy roots, not baby powder. You won't smell of fresh nappies and it's bloody cheaper.

  7. Jawaid Ahmed says

    Saraa porane porane hn or shi bhi nhi dekhte kch hn or hota kch h it is fake

  8. Islam Talukdar says

    They are reapet one thing again an again

  9. christina Miller says

    Your profile picture of the baby first flower 🙄

  10. eleventeen says

    Yo the girl in the beginning looks like a vampire and it's low-key creeping me out like-

  11. Ch Sara says

    Blossoms is super duper

  12. Ch Sara says

    Blossoms is super duper

  13. Amaze the Amazing says

    The second one is fake I've tried it 2 times.

  14. Aparna S Chand says

    2:28 and 6:49 same! did anyone notice that?

  15. Herbal and Homeo TV says

    Good job dear

  16. Abdul Ahad Mehar says


  17. Yuldin Nusrifitri says

    Have natural amazing

  18. gosa d says


  19. Eline Garcia says


  20. Dragon_life_live for ever says

    Is ot just me or does the girl in the first part look like arina Grande

  21. Namita Julka says

    No heat curls is fake

  22. Solymosi Reka says

    Ez egy akkora nagy hülyeség ti köcsögök

  23. Nasreen Sultana says

    Fabulous yaar

  24. Edward Dhaki says

    the video's title is amazing life hacks for hair . then where did 6:32 come from?

  25. Chloe Anne Paa says

    What do you mean easy hairstlyes these are for proffesional

  26. زهره عمران says

    حلو حلو 👌👌👌👍👍

  27. Nawa Ismail says


  28. علي علي says


  29. harry osukuku says

    Don't be surprised to find out that all a woman may be is Hairs.

  30. harry osukuku says

    I 'd want to see if any of these females can overcome a sudden loss of all their beautiful long hair with the same camera confidence.

  31. SnowNanai says

    Yeah, you always have Baby powder in your bag 😉

  32. #ForTheCulture says
  33. a g r a t a says

    eyeliner is not a hair hack?

  34. Natalie M says

    My hair simply cannot be held by two Bobby pins alone. Especially not like the first 'hack'. I'd need at least 50

  35. SofiiLujan says

    Who is the first girl??

  36. Shy Girl says

    2nd was osm

  37. Graf la parte says

    Que deusa.

  38. Da Crammers says

    8:00 was not even a life hack. It was just some lady putting on make up. WHERE WAS THE HACK IN THAT??!! AND SHE HAD THAT GREEN DOT I HER FACE!!! WTH?!

  39. Monkey Muscle says

    Can't believe I watched the whole thing

  40. Queen Of Thine Bitchery says

    3:50 yeah bet that totally doesn’t look fake from the back

  41. Serena Leach says

    One it has the same curl hack twice and two it’s says hair hacks not make up hacks it should have said hair and makeup hacks

  42. Selena Lopez says

    Someone let me know how that double ponytail made to look like one huge one goes

  43. Hannah G says

    I'd rather have greasy hair then smell like fkn baby powder

  44. Alisha Nizam says

    Useful tips… Thank you guys ❤️

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