Amazing People Fixing Things with FOOD !

Amazing People Fixing Things with FOOD !
Amazing People Fixing Things with FOOD ! SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to …

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  1. Allysha Daniell says

    Ramen can fix anything ramen for life

  2. Allysha Daniell says

    I’m a cream person

  3. Laura .U says

    so I made a hole in the wall today in my class and i need to call that guy nobody knows about it only my bff 🤣

  4. Suomitiare Herrero says


  5. mg000049 says


  6. Dreanna Aranilla says

    Azzy hotdogs don’t rot

  7. Ella Ott says

    Okay? Now we are apparently fixing surfaces with noodles,sausages and ketchup?

  8. Painting Coffee says

    Cookies or Cream choose wisely

    me wisely

  9. That80sGuy1972 says

    Ramen, the instant kind, have animal bone as an ingredient. If you grind up and use instant ramen without hydrating it, it is about as useful as wood or treated wood. Cover it in water-proofing, it is resistant to rot and (done right) more resistant to rot than wood. However, the time and treatment required to make using instant ramen in a good-fix way is not really worth it aside from mind candy.

  10. Shadow C says

    2019: fixing things with food

    3019: fixing electronics with food

  11. ROYAL FOR EVER says

    Sausage party really azzyland 😆 lol

  12. Sophia’s Life says

    Won’t it mould over time??!

  13. Catherine Zausa says

    Azzy :"is there something ramen can't fix??

    Me : MAH broken heart…

    JK im single #single people are always free!!"


  14. Fatin Asyiqin says

    Azzy you look beutiful today
    👇if you agree

  15. Kawaii Noodles says


  16. 【ßlxck Mixturee】 says

    Can ramen fix my life?

  17. sarah clarke says

    Rawmen can fix marriage because you have an argument and you decide to talk over dinner and u order rawmen you take one bite and stop arguing

  18. Gacha Stela says

    I love the memes, can I have permission to screenshot those and post it on twitter😂… and btw I saw those ramen fixing videos on facebook, please do a part 2. React to the one where they're fixing a toilet😂😂… Love You Azzy😊❤❤

  19. Kawaii Noodles says

    Azzy: “This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my life”
    Wow, you’ve lived a privileged life.

  20. makayla germano says

    Can ramen fix me haha

  21. khushbu Khetawat says

    Yes if the bride loves Raman than the groom will give it to her and she will be happy and that proves that Raman can fix anything even raman

  22. Pie OMG says

    i want ramen to fix my self esteem

  23. Cosy Klariz says

    Azzy u dont know about all of that then youre juging it

  24. Gacha - Mazing says

    Me:Mom! Why do I smell ramen noodles even tho theres none?
    Mom:Uhhhhhh……its difficult to explain…..😅😅😅
    Dad:……psst, DONT

  25. TGNBeast the daregod says

    Who else thinks there scissor Are made of ramen

  26. P.7 GDCA says

    Me=why am i the only person late =-=
    (And I'm more into the OREO cream)

  27. Hanan Haider says

    You should shout out my name

  28. Klub Media says

    Ramen can fix world hunger 🙂

  29. Bea Plays says


  30. gurupriya reddy says

    I pick COOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Teniola Fajolu says

    What if the floor starts to stink like eggs

  32. guylatham says

    I like the cream

  33. Dion says

    My glasses broke yesterday.

  34. Jihyun Yu says

    I think the stores are going to be rich after this
    suddenly so much people started to buy tons of ramen

  35. Rosalyn Burton says

    What if all this stuff just mold's up then what will you do you will have to throw it ALL a way😭😭

  36. Rosalyn Burton says

    This is how many people love Azzy

  37. ItzCrystal YT says

    How many times did Azzy say ‘OK’ in this vid! 😂

  38. Rongomaitapui Hunt says

    why arent you doing minecraft anymore ;-;

  39. Hina Q says

    Well I don't like orea's

  40. 1ay1a's life says

    Im more of a cookie persen

  41. Turquoise Owl says

    Azzy is the most positive person I have watched on YouTube. She is kind and tries her hardest. Keep up the great work Azzy. #ILYSM

  42. channing bloom says

    My best complement that I Could give to you Azzy is this.

    Your really are a “character” so to speak. In a good way.

  43. Ramen Noodle says

    Oh no! Azzy found out about our deal 😮


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