Amazing SCHOOL LIFE HACKS you need to try !

Amazing SCHOOL LIFE HACKS you need to try !
Amazing SCHOOL LIFE HACKS you need to try ! SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to …

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  1. John Parisi says

    Can you even buy a pencil anymore?

  2. Jeannine M says

    I do that before dat vid I’m a goddess

  3. Joann Crocker says

    She said a bottle of pop

  4. Carol Mclaren says

    You should try doing try not to feel good challenge

  5. stonecolddavemason4 says

    The rainbow pen hack works

  6. Bts Army Fan says

    Yo! That eraser dissapering thing I did that a lot and I didn't even know it was a hack I just thinker like " oh I know I could just shappen it" like dude what?!

  7. Tessie Lorene Benigno says

    Azzy my tchr. Is almost always on her phone

  8. Jackson Nguyen says


    The first word is the answer

  9. Karen Eve says

    When you go into an exam all the teachers make you take the labels off the bottles

  10. Amelia Morris says

    Hit the like button if you are looking through the comments when you are watching

  11. Alexander Sukhaniuk says

    BRUH how dare you not like writing with small pencills >:3 and im 9 years old so im in 3rd grade

  12. Emmeline Dick says

    They are spying on me…
    I use the sharperner hack ;-;
    i forget to warn you, bat English

  13. Karamia Wheaton says

    i have a drill

  14. yeet man says

    End my life

  15. Hannah Whitaker says

    Why is there a drill at school

  16. Hodaya Korlansky says

    I once cheated on a test at age 4

  17. Debbie McMahon says

    Azzy u print out a picture of 100 dollar bills

  18. Klaza L says

    About 3:35 I have tried that sprite. It is weirdly flavoured though. Cucumber… 🥒

  19. threetailedfox1 says

    One time, the hotel chain I work at had an advertisement where half of the front looked like $20 bills, and sometimes they were folded (hamburger style) when set in their little shelves.

    One day when I was leaving, I found a bunch of them right by the entrance and realized someone thought we were giving out free money and then got upset enough they just threw them on the ground.

  20. Isabella Espinosa says

    I'm left handed…… My life is complete I need a towel in school

  21. Kylee Nguyen says

    5-Minute Craft’s Crafts don’t take 5 minutes
    And they don’t have good handwriting..

  22. Elle Heiman says

    Instead of using energy to cheat use that energy to study ( me me big brain)

  23. Alana Prideaux says

    What’s pop I only know soft drink

  24. Who brings a whole sprite bottle to class????

  25. Linda Fortney says


  26. Luna Codes says

    Azzy: Your staring into they eyes of your-

    Me: No, I cannot relate because I'm lonely as f-

    Azzy: Sharpener.

    Me: Oh.. Then I can totally relate. Kind of. Okay, maybe not at all because not even pencil sharpeners like me.

    I am so lonely…. But I'm okay🤗

  27. Elena Lamb says

    I always lose my marker lol I'm going to use a hack like all the time lol I'm just so forgetful….

  28. Rolando Quinanola says

    Azzyland I love you xox❤.

  29. Pop Fun says

    i am a Uploadeds in 6ťůğđ§ģ œùđ ř6ťó ķòýř

  30. Rolando Quinanola says

    So much hets.

  31. Naomi Flewitt says

    The first one dosnt work i tried it and now im very sad😣😣

  32. Lamoria Lewis says

    who brings a lighter in class

  33. Tabitha Marty says


  34. Mario Lee says

    Dang cucumber

  35. Mario Lee says

    I meant bores

  36. Liz Gregory says

    "You spent more money on a drill." Do yo not have a drill already?

  37. Elle Borowski says

    “dOnT sCaRe tHe bReAd aWaY”

  38. Danika Shah says

    Azzy:unlles you are a lid loser
    Me: me lid loser

  39. Zack Stearns says

    # Leedle Leedle Leedle Lee

  40. Zack Stearns says
  41. Danielle Peters says

    If you do shout out I like and sudscride

  42. Wu Dong says

    So you said “you need to do this”but for some you said you should not do.

  43. Ailey Darling says

    The very first one kinda works I tried it but when I went to sharpen it again a
    It all of it came off ( metal and earaser )

  44. Jaslynn Espinoza says

    Azzy "what about the turtles"
    Me "that's were the vsco girls come in" 😂 lol

  45. paige gacha says

    Azzy so i tried the highlighter one where u mix them and i did it and it works it turned out so pretty you should really try it😁

  46. Cortney Hostetler says

    I am Hope and I need to be azzy's friend

  47. Caroline Hodges says

    I saw the five minute craft vid and it worked I had a 75 so I changed it to a 95

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