Amazing Watermelon LIFE HACKS and Pranks

Amazing Watermelon LIFE HACKS and Pranks
Amazing Watermelon LIFE HACKS and Pranks SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family πŸ˜€ Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to …

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  1. Kristine RΓΈed Rosseland says

    How manny times ded she say (watermalon) maybe one hondred

  2. itz_ GachaCookie._. says

    The first thing you need for a watermelon hack is probably a watermelon.
    ~Azzyland 2019

  3. I H says

    Sorry azzy but nobody really says pop anymore

  4. Delene Arnoldi says

    I thought they used shaving cream in the second picture

  5. Little girl says

    I had a dream and you were inside of my dream and you said a bunch of sweet things and you step up to my bullys (wich I don't have irl) and hold my hand. It was incredible.i love your video's and I want to meet you.but I live in Europe. are one of my favorite YouTube'ersπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  6. Dylan Bleignier-baker says

    Says the exact reason my sister is scared of jello*

  7. LilKatMsp says

    When Azzy acts like a child….

  8. _angles_ says

    Hey Azzy,
    Your stunning and ur videos are amazing. Thankyou for always making me laugh and smile. You probobly wont read this but keep up the great work. xπŸ’œ

  9. Mick Gorro says

    I was thinking of Boss Bass, but it was a Chain Chomp :).

  10. Mice Mice says

    Azzy said watermelon like a lot of times

  11. Vidhi kawaii Xox says

    Nobody: WaTerMeLonIsa

  12. Benny ST,MKom says

    I love sticky hands

  13. Weedjwjekeny Rosales says

    I L U

    (I love you)

  14. spidr11692 says

    the black seeds contain trace amounts of arsenic, not good to eat ever.

  15. Rapunzel princess says

    Lazy to remove seeds,so I eat them allπŸ˜‚
    Do you also?

  16. Monkey D. Luffy says

    Azzy Azzy did you think if you at a seed you will be perngent with the watermelon

  17. GregBroAlt says


    That's what she said

  18. Kareem Ali says


  19. Fire .Phoenix says

    The Slow Mo Guys did that same rubber band trick with the watermelon

  20. Fire .Phoenix says

    hey Azzy, i hope you are doing well today. i would love to hear back from you and chat with you a bit. ( —- big hugs —- )

  21. GachaBot2.0 says

    It's called a Chain Chomper

  22. Sauda Sartono says

    Isn't the stuff they are using washed or brand new and washed? If not the the person making that would be hella dump in my opinion.

  23. Jermiya McIntosh says


  24. Hime Cookie says


  25. Mira Coetzee says

    Every time I eat a watermelon my perants say:"Go wash your face!"Me:"I berly tutshed my watermlon!" If you watsh Azzyland's vidios like subscrib and clik the notifacashen bell to get notividβ™₯β™‘β˜…β˜†β™£β™§β†“

  26. Galaxy queen says

    Who else is watching this at 1
    am and now wants watermelon

  27. Gacha Wolf Cookie says

    Azzyland as u said that if every tap in our house starts to give watermelon and then said its sticky then take this idea:

    There should be this thing to every tap in the world that theres gonna be alot of buttons of different drinks (including Starbucks) and u click the button and they give you hygienic and fresh drinks u want to btw LOVE UR VIDS SO MUCHHH

  28. Nathan Navarro says


  29. Angel Martin says

    SODA. NOT POP 😀😀😠😱

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