American Makeup v. Korean Makeup

American Makeup v. Korean Makeup
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  1. Ethereal Fairy says

    I love Korean makeup because it focus on highlighting my natural beauty with minimum makeup. American makeup is more fierce and more makeup. I don't like it because if I have to where makeup, I want it to not block my pore

  2. harsha Sharma says

    I m indian
    And i don't like both the looks
    I love indian look
    I mean obviously

    But did u notice that the American side have dimple

  3. Meral Sweet rose says

    Wow u look like two different people

  4. hailesbailes101 M says

    I liked the Korean makeup better

  5. Rafaela Arita says

    YB looks like the softer version of Gretchen Ho 🙂

  6. Jada Smith says

    It really depends on the person

  7. javi! Meh says

    Koreans are noy catfishing like Americans lol

  8. Joselle Macaroyo says

    american make up i like more

  9. Heather Sawyer says

    Korean makeup is sooo much better imo

  10. potato Girl says

    As an american born asian, i like both. I'll go american style when i'm feeling hardcore and im going to a club or something, and the korean one is more like everyday and is much more natural and lighter. The one thing i don't like about american makeup is the excess foundation. Like i ain't trynna get acne!

  11. Hailey Seo says

    솔직히 둘다 걍 존나 교포같음

  12. ThePurpleMenace says

    Anyone else getting A Clockwork Orange vibe from the one sided fake eyelashes look?

  13. جيوفانا says

    Korean makeup style ❤️

  14. lulu army bangtan wifiee says

    I like the Korean make up more

  15. Saiyan Legacy says

    Well of course the korean make up would look better on her than the american make up. Korean make up was made for facial features like hers.

  16. Café Caffeinated says

    Lol 90% of comments here say that they love the korean look.

  17. Kamilla Iqbal says

    I love maybelline superstay lipsticks and creamy black eyeliners. I am american.

  18. Bona Lee says

    I think that the korean makeup is pretty. They made a mistake koreans tend to make their brow a shade lighter

  19. Svetlana Beilschmit says

    Western is better than korean 😍

  20. Kalen Schierling says

    She looks so much younger on the Korean side😳

  21. Jun Min says

    You can legit see YB in the Korean makeup look. That's YB right

  22. Camille Park says

    YB is really beautiful

  23. Camelia Grancea says

    I definitely love the Korean makeup more then the American one because it looks more natural and simple

  24. r. gin says

    yb looks like cl with american make up

  25. r. gin says

    yb looks like cl with american makeup

  26. Hannah Oberpriller says

    I prefer the Korean makeup. The western one is too dramatic I guess aha

  27. It's Lit says

    It kinda reminds me of CL and Dara, CL sporting more of the “American” style while Dara sports the “Korean” style

  28. Bob Duncan says

    I really like both, but i prefer korean makeup because i like matural makeup

  29. Crusty dusty dorito says

    I think the Korean makeup is prettier it's so natural I love it

  30. Ruth ramirez says

    She looked amazing on both looks🤩

  31. Lina Lim says

    Koreans love that natural look, they dont rlly do that much. But i looove their lip products and face masks

  32. Little Spirits says

    Kinda look likes the 2 makeup styles is the alter ego of each other.

  33. joonkyuu says

    American make up is more bold and dramatic, korean makeup is very subtle and soft.

  34. Sarah Wang says

    The Korean type looks more approachable than the American type makeup.

  35. Olivia Muscat says

    that's #not full contouring that's #half

  36. Dede Yoki says

    by the way does someone know her instagram?? she is soo georgous o ma gad

  37. jimins jibooty says

    I like korean makeup better, because its not as crazy and dark as American makeup, the korean makeup makes you look younger, cute, and very innocent and its very light! ❤

  38. Cherry -Kim says

    I dont know why but korean cuz she look more younger then before america give her erotic face she look more sexy

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