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  1. Belen Estrella says

    I love pokemon 🙁

  2. Francisco Aldaz says

    Azzyland: I’m rich b**
    Me: laughing

  3. Brad Bagley says

    Game for adults * goes to school*

  4. Cris Hadji Pagaling says

    your a tomboy azzy omj in school btw

  5. Paige Burt says


  6. Van. deaux. says

    This bish is annoying

  7. Kayden Uzumaki says

    this game… has the same soundtrack as pokemon insurgence…

  8. Nina Gracia Magbanua says

    i want more ep,why is it short may be your cameras battery die just maybe

  9. Evita Grabinska says

    Azzy chu

  10. Miss MARZ says

    Hi azzy love ya!

  11. Ejay E-merald says

    Who watched this and they'd to download it😂
    Absolutely not me😐.

  12. Samuel Castillo says

    According to abilities, i would've choose cacnea ~

  13. Sowjanya Puvvula says

    What is the emulator for the game

  14. Sowjanya Puvvula says

    How to download this game plz tell me

  15. Jeffrey Niemann says

    This game looks class. Bring it to Switch 😉

  16. Bill clay says

    All eye have of you is the memory of the fun "you gave me" via these classic azzy videosAND NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT FROM #ME (not a cchallenge cuz Iknow these vids can be deleted or my tab can be broken)

  17. Bill clay says

    #FreeAdvice use simple words like be or me or see to build your "rapping muscles" until it's a reflex!! #Disclaimer I never made a music video but my #FreeAdvice comes from a dude who put food on some plates via wwriting Rap lyrics (PPS) thanks for all the fun you ever gave me #PEACE

  18. Bill clay says

    Battling the elite four and becoming Pokemon gold CHAMPIONmade me watch this fun classic aazzyland video

  19. PINAKBET Channel says

    Azzy you are so beautiful

  20. nocturnal gamer says

    Just clickbait & your running images of magical creatures

  21. Jay Thovin says

    Adults that still play Pokemon should be sent to concentration camps Where the males are exicuted and the females are sexicuted

  22. Erickson Vida says

    #Azzybee is prophet

  23. Erickson Vida says

    There are 6 floors

  24. LuyoSanFox Gaming’s says

    I would choose baltoy to idk why

  25. Unsystematic Stool says


  26. Nixon Martin says

    I call the money pokebucks

  27. Nick Piplupy says


  28. Jennifer Ruiz says


  29. Trina Orellana says

    It's Blaziken mask

  30. Kourtlon says

    Can u she nit pokemon dick wtf

  31. Kris Arceo says

    Anybody create a gba rom for this?

  32. Icyy Blaze says

    U should have picked croagunk

  33. jayden barry says


  34. Potato Mochi says

    You are one of my new favorite youtubers

  35. bloodysockmonkey : says

    she should do a vid with apex

  36. • Dedsec • says

    Why u say Adolt

  37. Alexis Santiago says

    shut up vicogon

  38. Boss Caleb says

    my moms name is Kirby but she came before the game and vacuum cleaner

  39. Fauzar rozi says

    R U LDR with kwebel? *Long Drama Relationship *

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