Analog vs. Digital Cameras

Analog vs. Digital Cameras
I meet up with Rik Cordero, a filmmaker with a focus on retro camcorder aesthetics. Rik has directed music videos for artists like Jay-Z, Nas, The Roots, Action …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Marques, you're making great videos! Thank you!

  2. Brando Luis says

    Hi I’m mkbhd I’ve been using this camera for the past 50 years, here are my thoughts about it:

  3. Léo Cubas says

    This wasn't in my sub feed

  4. Robin says

    Marques needs to see RoboCop.

  5. Jay says

    Marques has no personality ..

  6. Myekal Benham says

    What shoes is MKB wearing in this Vid?

  7. Charlie Ardern says

    Happy Birthday!

  8. Bryant A says

    "You ever see Robocop?" "No." Come on man.

  9. Hoenn4Ever says

    Happy birthday MKBHD!

  10. Subham Panigrahi says

    A 3 minute MKBHD video!… how often do you see thaat?!

  11. Greetings Mortal says

    It looks so cool

  12. KATHyourfirstrate says


  13. Toby McMullen says

    I've got 2 hvx's at my house now I need some adapters

  14. ice man says

    Happy birthady

  15. Justin Henton says

    How has he never seen robocop !?!

  16. Sanjeev Kumar says

    Damn premium content 😓

  17. Sriyans Kumar says

    Hey marques!
    When is the 2019 blind smartphone camera test is coming?

  18. Basant Pandit says

    YouTube premium is not available in my country how can i watch another episode of Retro Tech ?

  19. Cj Manabat says

    Did anyone else think it was Greg from nigahiga in the thumbnail??

  20. Farhan Navaz says

    I like Phone Cameras

  21. ZeeC says

    Panasonic one looks fake.

  22. Sushant says

    If I have YouTube premium does that mean I don't need YouTube Red subscription?

    I am able to watch these for free wtf

  23. Haha that panasonic camera and adapter where my first ever equipment when I started filmmaking! Feels like ages ago! 😂😂😂

  24. kablammie97 says

    Can anyone tell me if those are Marques hands on the source commercials?

  25. Mahmood Shuvo says


  26. xVx ZAREHUNTER3 says

    Happy birthday bro, FYI it's my birthday tooo 💪😏

  27. Sammy Castro says

    Why have a channel that is premium 👎

  28. calme video music says

    1:23 marquess nearly trips
    the other guy's heart: lub _ _ _ lub dub lub dub

  29. Issie wizzie says

    How can you not see Robocop ….

  30. Brainstorm HQ says

    Amazing process!!!🧠🧠🧠 Also, on our channel, you can see same cool and interesting processes!!!🎥🎥🎥

  31. FAHAD MOHAMED says

    The grind is real, isn't it Marques?

  32. Alwin Issac says

    Review the Jabra Elite 75 t

  33. franc mihani says

    why retro tech is premium , you sad that it woldn't be!!!!!!!!!

  34. Tom Fu says

    He DIDN'T see Robocop?! I am offended…

  35. shivam kamaansing says

    From the thumbnail the guy looked like Greg

  36. NachoGrimoldi says

    VOX media wtf…

  37. Gabriel Scindian says

    You brought back memories!!! Thanks for the vid… Age shown

  38. temporal0044 says


  39. Brian Johnson says

    🤯 this shoe is epic. Congrats MKBHD the show looks amazing, looking forward to the rest of the season. Thanks for all the great content.

  40. latrofu says

    Never seen Robocop. I've lost all respect for MKBHD. I feared the day would come.

  41. James Russo says

    Omg the audio quality and video compression of the studio shots is NOT ok.

  42. Nathan Kellett says

    How the hell does a guy who makes his living off of Technology not seen RoboCop!?!?

  43. Shahan Khalid says

    Past > MKBSD,
    Present > MKBHD
    Future > MKBUHD

  44. pukay says

    this is the first time i saw an asian with a full beard

  45. FARG says


  46. Cinematography Database says

    What up Rik?! Premium YouTube as well

  47. Gateway says

    How have you not seen RoboCop?
    I'm younger than you and I've seen RoboCop.
    Amazing movie, would recommend.

  48. A Iri says

    Damn..sad its premium.. i would have binge watched it all tonight. 😓

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