And the MOST USELESS thing award goes to…

And the MOST USELESS thing award goes to…
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  1. Darkri Drago says

    "how would you even get your car up this?"

    Remembering that in town there is a main road that is about a 65° angel and leads to a four-way intersection with a traffic light in down town The important question is how you stop going down?

  2. Dinooo rawr :3 says

    Me I'm useless when I sleep

  3. Flowri _Lowri says

    I am 100% sure that I locked my wall before i let the house today

  4. my life SKKKAAA YEEE says

    Azzy:why did they invent diet water

    Me:why did they invent smart water life water and way more

    No hate

  5. Pøtåtø Čhërry says


  6. Zehnya Bruckert says

    while i was looking at ur vid a fly fell into my drink !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Maria AlRaees says

    2019 anyone 2019 people make this blue


  8. Beth Stephens says

    I only wear red or black leggings

  9. Sophia Janecek says

    Hahahahaha I love her videos she’s hilarious 😆

  10. Kylee Melancon says

    Azzy: there is no use for this spoon maybe mash potatoes

    My brain: ITS A FORK. GET IT RIGHT

  11. Cookiess says

    9:03 Azzy if your reading this I know how it works, you go up the STEPS and if you have a (scooter,skateboard,etc) you can slide the baby ramp😆 YOUR WELCOME❤️

  12. Layla Callaway says

    I have a cord like that

  13. Mirna B says

    Why are u making that cute voice lol 🥰

  14. •Lil'Chibi Chan• says


    Is the one of thumbnail

    Who agrees that this is useless?

  15. BaileyDavenport says


  16. Pokepanda 13 says

    The reason why their here is for portible charger to keep the cord from falling on the floor

  17. The skin colored leggings is for under dresses for hiding leg hair

  18. Ruth Oliver says

    Wth the thumbnail was so weird if you didnt watch this yet

  19. Kids Cooking says

    #1 if its like fall and you want to wear a dress

  20. Sneezes in British

  21. Aurora Lawrence says

    I have one of those mugs

  22. Laura Wallbank says

    You should make a pointless things video and try not to say the word point, like a try not to say wow but instead don’t say point

  23. I Think The loks on The Wall i Think it’s a door

  24. Chelsea Harding says


    8:55 I used to have a driveway like that. I rode my bike down it every morning to go to school.

  25. Anna Young says

    Well actually I would eat that watermelon because I don’t like the red part I love the rine so umm yeah if u have one like that give it to me

  26. Elly Pfft says

    Azzy skin colour isn’t that it is basically peach, brown, tan.. please just.. know thanks 🙂

  27. The tree says

    Azzy: talks about useless fork
    Also Azzy: talks about how useless this spoon is
    Me: but…it’s a fork?!?! U can’t call a fork a spppoooon! That makes no sense, cries in corner

  28. K R says

    🍪🍞🍫🥙📖🌈🦄Azzy’s traits

  29. Xiaowu Zhu says

    This is the year were Kwebbelkop's gf gets more views than him.

  30. 0w0 the random says

    cries in Russian


  31. Mindy Strube says

    Omg I love ur videos they are so funny 😂

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