Andrew & Niki React To Their Craziest "Eating Your Feed" Moments • Tasty

Andrew & Niki React To Their Craziest "Eating Your Feed" Moments • Tasty
Andrew and Niki look back on their craziest moments from making “Eating Your Feed” together. Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  1. hypersapien says

    I wish there were more videos with Andrew. Niki is great too, I just don't see Andrew that much it seems.

  2. Connor W says

    Dang Adam sent that mochi to the shadow realm

  3. Draukagrissah says

    The sound levels were hella borked for this vid y'all

  4. crl cf says

    rie be like
    "adam you broke andrew"
    I kept laughing cuz the accuracy level is Too high

  5. Andrew CP says

    Andrew: Talks about covering up brands
    *3 seconds later
    "Fun fact, that was my first iPhone"

  6. Charlie Mawn says

    Do it again

  7. DuckyHellBird says

    True friendship is admitting when your angry with each other. 🥰

  8. Tofu Said says

    Nikki and Andrew are two of fave hosts. I’m glad Nikki is still making money on this; do more of the series and pay her to be in them!

  9. D. M. K. says

    Why You fire everyone?;/ I want them to make their own channel, like Safiya. I am sure they would make it great

  10. MartinRasmus Kiisla says

    People make reaction videos when they have no ideas what else to do. And reaction videos are a way to get money easily and put no effort into the videos.

  11. Unknown Passerby says

    Didn't Nikki left Buzzfeed?

  12. Bratisha Sen says

    Can you guys like make something Indian

  13. DarklingGolem says

    Yes Niki, If someone hurts Rie on a video, we will come to their house and kill them

  14. DarklingGolem says

    Why do you need to cover up the brand of the computer, if we already know it's a MacBook Pro 2016/Later 13 inch.. (Because Los Angeles is full of Macs)

  15. CandyLame says


  16. Keri Kaviani says

    Honestly God bless the editors. The Chaos™ is what truly makes this show for me lol

  17. Farzeen Fatima says

    Love how casual this video is

  18. Mahammed Abdi says

    Andrew wheres steven

  19. Aruba Zahrin says

    I love when niki and Andrew cook together ❤ please keep filming more of eating your feed 💕

  20. BeccaLife says

    Why are they making so many reaction videos on Tasty? I want an actual Eating Your Feed or Chef Out of Water.

  21. Kelly Stout says

    Now, I'm always going to notice the brand covers.

  22. Kelly Stout says

    Finally they admit that at least half of the episodes are cheese. I'm pretty certain they just use it as an excuse for cheese consumption, despite all the lactose intolerance going on in the Tasty/Buzzfeed offices.

  23. Marissa Bavaro says

    Best show ever!!

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