Animals Doughnuts by Alexander Roberts

Animals Doughnuts by Alexander Roberts
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  1. Angie B says

    I honestly thought these were homemade treats for your dog and hey hes making donuts a lil odd….

  2. ava maya x says

    idgaf if you think theyre hideous i love them

  3. I am Satan says

    I like anyone who likes frogs 🐸

  4. Jerrick Adams says

    I bet the doughnuts would taste good but the design looks worse than if an amateur mad it 😒

  5. Jose Martinez says

    Oh hell naw wtf the dog is scary

  6. dog lover 1800 says

    can someone try this to tell me if they will work bc I've got a party coming up and I need to bring a sweet platter for it so can someone tell me if they work? Thx ☺️

  7. Pinkus Dean says

    I can see effort went into them but i'd be lying if I said that they look great. They looks qyite shoddy unfortunatly ^^;

  8. TP ZipZoom says

    Grr8 work Alex keep it up

  9. Nandini Santhosh says

    Looks delicious 😋😋

  10. Harry 09 says

    Awesome job!
    Alexander, your voice is everything 😉

  11. Rose says

    Nah I’ll rather flex my my McDonald’s.

  12. Amosc:romone312 Luiz says

    I seen tasty equipment at Wal-Mart and Im totally gonna buy it for my mom for Christmas she watches yoyr videos EVERYDAY

  13. BunnyFett says

    The frog ones are cute.

  14. Little Bambi says

    Am I the only one who thinks they're adorable? :c

  15. Helen Zhong says

    I don’t have enough oil to deep fry so… I guess I’m not making it

  16. Niki Sm15 says

    " I wanted to make something more instagrammable." …..?….?….no

  17. xuan tran says

    the chagrin part..turned off the sound

  18. Rej Mocmakaski says

    oh man, these dogs look like…just keep it for myself

  19. Gucci Aha Gamer says

    Please like

  20. Korrie Rose says

    Guys, he didn't make them. The buzzfeed team did.

  21. Jacob Salinas says

    Who else is torturing themselves before dinner

  22. descendingoncewhile says

    They are so cute!!!

  23. Emily Thomas says

    I thought these were donuts actual animals could eat ;-;

  24. Peyton Parabdeen says

    So cute. I love dogs, cats and donuts❤🐶🐱🐷🐸

  25. David Thomas says


  26. DC_Girlie says

    I’m sorry I’m vegetarian

  27. akita sOuNd says

    tbh, the cracked dough really distract me.

  28. Something is wrong with my phone I see Chaz Smith on all my videos. Like what the heak

  29. ItsMayra says

    This is cute

    Also guys I’m starting a channel and recently posted a look book video ❤️ please check it out

  30. Belinda Ronald says

    What are those 😳
    The design is very poor.I would have never buy them.

  31. Chloe Byte says

    These are very sloppy 😠

  32. Finnegan Nichols says

    Tasty, your the best!

  33. Alina says


  34. [COALESENCE]ゲイラバー says

    The frog scares me

  35. tla says

    What ti do with all that leftover oil?

  36. Erin says

    his voice sounds like Aquaria's

  37. camille aigail says

    It seemed like the dough wasn't kneaded smooth. It looked dry and cracked. Will that still make a light, airy donut? I'm just curious if it has to be kneaded for a long time or is that just bread? Anybody know?

  38. Jordan_Wong06 says


  39. Leslie st john says

    Cute donuts & cute baker

  40. reem lak says

    if i wanted to do a less serving recipe since it is my first try i don’t want to waste a lot of ingredients incase it didn’t work
    so for like 5~6 donuts how much ingredients should i use?

  41. Molin Day says

    So cuteeee

  42. Erika Cole Soul Kitchen says


  43. Brenda Abilez says

    'i found myself living in paris' o k a y

  44. Zach Walker says

    bitch what the fuck

  45. ZosoJuan says

    These joints ugly asf 😂

  46. Xuan Thi says

    The animal donuts are so adorable and cute!!!!!!!!! 😺🐶🐸🐻

  47. Motun Animashaun says

    I'm sorry but this was very poorly executed

  48. Jazmine Reyna says

    I'm 120,246th!

  49. coffee가 says


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