ANIMALS REACTING to Magic Tricks !

ANIMALS REACTING to Magic Tricks !
ANIMALS REACTING to Magic Tricks SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another …

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  1. Ryan Bowers says

    so cute

  2. Irina Mikos says

    I just like watching Azzy react to these…anyone else?

  3. Clanz Fire says

    Azzyland my cousin is a graffiti artist and his graffiti name is zoro, just like you cat

  4. Janey Patterson says

    When I was watching this I was eating peanut butter just like a peanut butter but it’s a liquid not a liquid I don’t know anymore

  5. shaneesa's Land says

    My class mate have a chrush at azzy land😀😀

  6. Dap Nu says

    7:20 The cat's head is but the body isn't. In some scenes. Or something like that.

  7. Unoriginal 156 says

    Ok the guy turning things into animals isn’t magic, it’s just really good editing

  8. ItsPurpleKitty And Jacob says

    Omg, The Way The Monkey Just Hugged The Man Tho!!❤❤💖💖💖💖

  9. Little Boi Rage says

    The cat is real

  10. Sasha Holt says

    Azzy are amazing 😍 I watch your videos all the time

  11. Rachael Reece says


  12. Rachael Reece says

    He’s adorable

  13. Scott Doran-Veevers says

    I love the videos where you have to see whst you see first
    they are so funny

  14. Kahlia Neely says

    On the flouting hotdogs magic trick sea said it would be dangerous but it actually wasn't unless the dog doesn't trust you much then that might bite you to keep you allway

  15. Love Light says

    This is for AZZY

    The cat is trained BTW look it up on yt!

  16. -Just Marie- says

    I ones saw a anale in the wild they’re soo cuteee

  17. Sartaj Bajwa says

    that cat is real

  18. Mochu The _loli says

    Azzy u ok u look tierd

  19. Anoushka Sharma says

    That cats real. I watch this guys channel

  20. George Rains says

    for us our parents have a dog and we walk it!! 🙂

  21. BANANA GAMER says

    Zoro normal dogs hella scared of cats

  22. BANANA GAMER says

    Im a kid and i also want a dog but my parents also dont let me #CanRelate

  23. Cj Brunet says

    Hi azzy

  24. Anoushka Sharma says

    So um, we're reacting to animals reacting to magic? So we are basically reacting to reactions! Cool u do u…

  25. HarkBahadur Sawod says

    Please do videos in gacha life vines it means much to me🙏🙏🙏

  26. Stefy plays Roblox says

    Aweeeeeeeee awwwww I cant!Its so cute eeeeeeeeekkkkkkk Aweeee

  27. Da sweet little_ potato UwU says

    Wait azzy why do u have red eyes?

  28. Amanda Rittershofer says

    This should be called try not to say
    Aww challenge • pet reacting to magic

  29. Maya Alomari says

    Azzy the cat Is real

  30. Livi Liv says

    Azzy i has a story for ya for years my parents said no you can’t have a dog we are too busy soon as I was 16 my parents surprised me getting a dog I’m the only one who walks the thing because everyone else is lazy ☹️

  31. Sean Robinson says

    The cat is really but their is phoneshoping is the work

  32. samina Yasmeen says

    Aww all those cute reaction😍😍😍😍😍

  33. Benjamin Schoen says

    Azzy Michael the cat is real. He has his own channel

  34. Gali Chen says

    Can you try these magic tricks for zoro

  35. super sushi says

    hey! if you are reading this, pls give Azzy a like!

  36. Dasher HD says

    Give me a Like because it’s my moms birthday today

  37. Monroe Fashion says

    There's a little girl that plays violin for every song u have to see her

  38. Sonic wave 2 says

    6:23 stop vid there any you look like a teen at that time

  39. Daphne Hayes says

    The cats ARMS are real. Lol👇

  40. Kimmy Yggg says

    ‘Dogs are scared of Zoro’
    my dog is scared of catsssZs

  41. Sonette Van Der Merwe says

    I have a pet snake his name is Monti

  42. BB 4 says

    That black cat watched too much stranger things

  43. Skadi Bell says

    hey guys !! i make reaction videos as well… if u wanna check me out and help i'd be so happy !!!
    i love Azzy so much !!! <3

  44. slime_trainer says

    Azzy so miss you!!

  45. Clara Johnson says

    I actually have dreams where I have this power to get anything I see on TV through the TV and the same with magazines and books or pictures, and I have always wished it was real, I could have anything I wanted,lol!

  46. ariane alcantaradasvlogs says

    dude:"does magic" trying to loose the treat
    dog:what!? "finds the treat

    me: laughs 😂😂😂

  47. Canai Smith says

    I think the bird said dad

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