Apple iPad Air Review!

Apple iPad Air Review!
iPad Air Review – The DeFacto tablet from a Googler’s POV! Apple iPad Air (16GB): iPad Air Sample photos… nah. It’s a tablet. Games …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Rendahedron says

    I got mine back in 2015 and its so slow with ios 12.4.3 plus the battery capacity reduced quite a lot

  2. Morty Māo says

    Hey, we're def not affected right? Damn those updates, I only have 16g and currently I am down to 4g storage…

  3. Brandon Zernicek says

    I bought an iPad for games and editing. Not to look at widgets on a home screen 🙄

  4. angel amazze says

    Nexus 10? iPad 5? iPhone 5s?

    Nostalgic alert!

  5. JUNGLE D OutDoors tv says

    Can you use a Apple Pencil with this version?????

  6. Dwikky Yudha says

    3:08 That eyes tho😂

  7. Chheng Sokphayouth says

    Late 2019 and still last for 10hrs.

  8. mr jack says

    Ive had mine since sep 2014,. I use it 4 hours everyday,. More on weekends,. And its still working perfectly,.

  9. Argin Santos says

    Im still using ipad air 1st gen this 2019 still worth it 😊

  10. Agent Max Playz says

    Watching it on my soon to be gone ipad air

  11. Izakurakagel2 Aero says

    Who’s going back to hear praises for this iPad from back then and feel better about not being able to upgrade

  12. Lamar Jaber élève says

    sooo i had my ipad air since 2016(i still have it) now in 2019 every app i use know is crashinng whyyyyyy

  13. nvm bye says

    I had this ipad for almost 5 years Its a very great ipad i enjoyed it very much it

  14. 33pecantan says

    What Apple pen is compatible with the iPad Air!

  15. I LightenStar I says

    The iPad Air is great in every way but it’s battery life is bad.

  16. Rᴇᴅ. says

    im guessing youtubes being weird again.

  17. I LightenStar I says

    The Battery Life on my iPad Air barely lasts me 6 hours which is terrible.

  18. Fancine Courcy says

    I just upgraded to iPad air wow

  19. Fancine Courcy says

    Just pickybacknon ladt comment. Racism growup

  20. Jeffery Chai says

    I thought it is the iPad Air and the iPad mini and I found out it is the iPad Air and the iPad mini.

  21. GGR says

    Wtf. I’m watching this video on ipad air too and his baterry life is 69% and mine too! Crazy… 0:51

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