Apple iPhone 5s Review!

Apple iPhone 5s Review!
iPhone 5s Review – Apple’s flagship from a Googler’s perspective! iPhone 5s (Unlocked): iPhone 5s Camera Photos: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Benji Does Something says

    I’m going from an 8 to a 5s. Idk why. I’m still keeping the 8, I’m just putting the sim in the 5s

  2. Haux49 says

    YouTube: Yeeeeet!

    Btw this is the best iPhone I got IMHO

  3. Sofi Nabeel says

    Watching this on my 5S in 2019, I’m pleasantly surprised by how well this phone has stood the test of time. Imagine using a Samsung S4 in 2019… you get my point.

  4. SINSAR KT says


  5. Ehrar Bose says

    YouTube, you did it again

  6. Ankit Sinha says

    I don't have this phone anymore , yet I am watching this in 2019

  7. Shams Aboobackar says

    The camera was among the best at the time…hmm interesting..

  8. Isak says

    Who's here in 2019???

  9. god tier äijä says

    this Guy invented the fast charging!!

  10. Suyash Patni says

    iPhone 11 got released

    YouTube algorithm: "ApPLe iPHonE 5s REvIew "

  11. apex says

    2:20 how did he predict the one word that would be used by every middle school girl

  12. Nibor Lee says

    Youtube knows im poor af

  13. The x guy says

    Better than that iphone with stove eyes…change my mind

  14. Cosmos101 says

    YouTube is at it again recommending stuff 5 years after it been posted

  15. Evantha Divulwewa says

    Times when life was simple

  16. d4unit says

    ahh. My first phone. Funny, it actually completely died today too after I couldn't use it normally for 3 years

  17. Lauvsn Foto says

    Why am I here

  18. Frederik says

    Watching this on iPhone 11 Pro Max.
    This feels strange

  19. Galterius says

    me : wait I still have an iPhone 5 I should upgrade it, let's watch some new phones reviews

  20. G B says

    YouTube: Hey the iPhone 11 came out
    You know what else is hip
    The iPhone 5

  21. LordDelCasa says

    That moment you realize @0:14 that Marques has either watched or is being your recommended my youtube videos LOL

  22. Rory Lindholm says

    Everything in this video gives me nostalgia

    The Apps ✅
    Google ✅
    The Phones Design ✅
    Young Marques ✅

  23. Simão Moreira says

    Back when the iPhone look like the Nokia 3310 in size 😂

  24. Tech Nine says

    You know, its september 2019, this pops up, so i said fuck it

  25. Aaron says

    Getting recommended almost 6 years later

  26. PGRFN says

    I think I might get this phone … Gonna finally upgrade my note 4

  27. In cep ti on says

    thanks YouTube for recommending this review as now I can afford an iPhone 5s

  28. The Geeky Guy says

    Anyone September 2019?

  29. __intro__ __vert__ says

    Okay YouTube recommend this to me now

  30. Nicolás Macagno says

    Is this the future?

  31. Irán Campos says

    Why the f*ck am I watching this in 2019? I mean I actually watched the whole thing!

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