Apple Tartlet • French • Tasty

Apple Tartlet • French • Tasty
Élégantes et faciles à réaliser, ces tartelettes à la frangipane et à la cannelle sont parfaites pour finir l’année sur une touche sucrée.” Subscribe to Tasty: …

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  1. Victoria Chung says

    Trop cool

  2. Victoria Cagande says

    A wild English comment has appeared!

  3. Lauren says

    Is their an English version?

  4. The O’Neills says


  5. Mira Ekladious says

    C’est vraiment bizarre de l’avoir en français ew lol comme shui québécoise maisssss l’anglais est beaucoup plus facile eh?

  6. Maria Eduarda says

    yall where the fuck am i supposed to find all that specific almond stuff

  7. -ˏˋ mayaaa ˎˊ- says

    I didn’t know it was in French at first so I was like “wHeRe WiLl i fINd aLl thEsE IngReDieNTs”

  8. Galena Stornes says

    Very talented. I must learn these.



  10. 00 00 says

    Who watches this but is never gonna make this 🤔

  11. Cyrielle Chargam says

    Ça a l'air délicieux !Je suis française et ça fait plaisir de voir une recette française sur votre chaîne !😋😋

  12. Isabel Keith says

    1. I groaned
    2. As I was tired
    3. I went to sleep
    4. I woke up
    5. I met all my favorite youtbers and got friends
    6. I was happy

    Now re-read this in this order: 2,3,5,6,4,1

  13. Ckarrynne Askaver says

    C’est bon de voir quelqu’un qui connais le français au États-Unis

  14. Sara Newman says


  15. Cooking with Rhonda says

    I enjoy watching your videos. I'm a big fan of your cooking and it inspired me to make my own YouTube Channel. Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR! 😀

  16. Fahim Ahmed says

    So is this just a video that's already on the channel but just in French?

  17. Romi Fuchs says

    Isn't it apple tartatel?

  18. Linda Ross says

    WOW ! Merci beaucoup pour la recette en FRANÇAIS ❤️❤️❤️. Bonne année

  19. Lee Tom says

    Finalement qq chose en français!

  20. Rufus Potts says

    But I am soooooo unfamiliar with speaking/reading French 🙁

  21. krsiten alice says

    luckily i speak english, arabic and french

  22. abidina DIENG says

    Ça fait trop bizarre

  23. Sauté says

    Tasty is simply best. I could not stop myself watching even though i couldn't understand some of the ingredients (bcz it's in French). Tasty makes to aesthetically pleasing content. Love it.😍

  24. Szejtanik says

    Every time i see "microwave" i wanna kill myself

  25. Kitman Z says

    Заебали вы на других языках писать ингредиенты, с английского не всегда понятно… Я вам по русски написал, вот вам приятно? Что за неуважение к зрителям

  26. Positive vibes only says

    It would be nice if there were an English translation!

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