Apple Watch Series 5 Review: One Big Tradeoff!

Apple Watch Series 5 Review: One Big Tradeoff!
Apple Watch Series 5. You already know Apple Watch. Add one big tradeoff. Apple Watch Series 5: Apple Watch Series 4: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Yung Falafel says

    Watsky in the intro πŸ‘

  2. Instant Gratification Monkey says

    What'd you do to get that huge scar on your hand though

  3. Samuel Kelly says

    Oh dude.. You just wore an illuminati t-shirt!
    Did you not know?

  4. Sreekumar Korath says

    "So I've had the air power for about 1 year now and here are my thoughts on it" -Marques

  5. Krishang Goyal says

    Did anyone see the cut on marques's hand?

  6. Charles Tyldsley says

    A smartwatch with a 1 day battery is bafflingly unacceptable to me.

  7. Saif Ahmed says

    that intro was fire tho

  8. Tigran Karapetyan says

    Ok, I have to confess Marques. Every time I see the scar on your hand my hand hurts.

  9. Inderjot Rasila says

    My galaxy watch has AOD since launch and guess what it looks like watch πŸ˜€

  10. Scan End says

    I KNEW the claim it wouldn't effect battery was bullshit. Even with the low refresh rate it still chews up battery keeping a display on.

  11. iRohnic says

    Spook-Tober > Tech-Tober

  12. Olid Ahmed says

    Mkbhd illuminati πŸ˜‚

  13. Edge BoxTV says

    Please help me reach 100Subscribers mark πŸ™ŒπŸ»
    Need support and motivation

  14. dim1tris says

    Super cool intro ✌🏼

  15. saurav singh says

    Mechanical watch>>>>>>> smart watch

  16. Vlad says

    Well, I guess it will be great if a future update allows you to create a custom schedule for always on display.

  17. Ankit Singh says

    And then there is my Amazefit Bip, which just gave me a 45 days run on a single chargeπŸ˜‚

  18. Akshay Bisht says

    😍😍 loved the camera

  19. Paul Fontaine says

    Feels like theses Apple Watches are still cumbersome to use… You need to charge it pretty much every day or worse during the day, the AOD glow bothers you at night and the User experience seems subpar with all this tweaking during the day so it less bother you. EInk smart watches like the Pebbles were much better designs.

  20. RX 580 says

    There should be a physical toggle button of always on display.

  21. Hafer Brei says

    This intro is amazing!

  22. I am an avid iPhone user. I've had a lot of high end androids and I prefer Apple hardware. But five series for always on display: FOR A WATCH

    It is honestly disappointing that consumers accepted anything less than this for so many years. I've been using my Huawai Watch for 3 years now, no complaints. It's still a beautiful dress watch. Has always had, always on.

    Glad it's now in Apple watch but it honestly is shameful it's taken them this long. Variable refresh rate isn't rocket science Apple.

    Edit: and after all these years I still have very close to two day battery life on it…

  23. Spencer Blacksmith says

    The sentiment I've sorta gotten from both your iphone reviews is that its just the same tech. Still good as ever but the same, as a person completely outside of that sphere do you think its worth jumping into the apple camp right now? Do you have any recommendations for other smart watch / phone pairs. I've used my s7 for coming up on 3 years

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