Apple Wireless Keyboard Review

Apple Wireless Keyboard Review
Best price: I use Windows, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy any Apple hardware without using iTunes! As a matter of fact, this keyboard …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. AbuBakr Akram says

    It’s so weird, I found this not because I was looking for “young Marquess” charm, but because I genuinely was researching this board. Your review was excellent, even way back then

  2. kpossibles says

    I had to look for a review of an apple keyboard and lmao found 2011 mkbhd thru the google search algorithm LOLOLOL

  3. Ivan Fedulov says

    and im here not bacause i want to look at 2011th mkbhd, im really looking for the review)

  4. fucking idiot says

    what the fuckkkkk

  5. MD Moksad says


  6. Asher Lopez Sioson says

    You look so different

  7. WillNeuakr says

    omg ive just watch this at 2019 you look so…. different!

  8. Rocky Esposito says

    Will this work on windows 10?

  9. SHRIWANT KANT 15BME0392 says


  10. Antony says

    So no one's going to complain about the sound test?

  11. Gatman says


  12. Fusionkid2 says

    haha here in 2019

  13. Guilherme Gabriel says


  14. Suharto M says


  15. Semuel Angga Putra Adorang says

    2019 🔥🔥🔥

  16. wrxsubaru02 says

    Hahaha you came a long way bro.

  17. Chezkalyn Lopez says

    omg!! watching this in 2018

  18. Lover Boy says

    Bro ur so cringe

  19. Sam Audio Video says

    Watching this in 2018 from Nepal

  20. UTubeChannel says

    No backlight???

  21. Kevin Arackaparambil says

    Lol fetus marques

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