Art of Birthday Cake

Art of Birthday Cake
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  1. Trang Nguyễn says


  2. Tammy Cao says


  3. Sanya Uppal says

    This is Art alright!!

  4. Apple Kriz says

    I want to know how to to film like this

  5. thefabulousnarwhal says

    I'm emotional

  6. Trixani Felix says

    Why am I on a spree of waiting “the art of___” videos? I’m already hungry :/

  7. Marcel Costel says

    Does anybody have any idea of the recipe ?

  8. Vivan says

    Not even Gordon Ramsay's camera man zooms in so much

  9. Ali Saeed says

    Please zoom in more

  10. Renerr Raining says

    Where is the art of churros?

  11. Aaliya Fatima says

    I thought it would have sprinkles and sprinkles !!🌈🎂

  12. Anne xoxo says

    Yay its my birthday today! 🙂

  13. Positively Pessimistic Panda says

    Omg these make me feel sooo calm

  14. la lisa says

    They could at least put the recipe in the description

  15. Aleesa Jordan says

    They’re running out of content to post

  16. Wahab Khan says

    Tasty pls make video on 4way cold/simple coffee
    I'll be waiting

  17. Samantha Etchison says

    really sexy food porn. this video is the 50 shades of Grey of the art of.

  18. Nyan Cat1304 says


  19. Brett Kahlow says

    make more of these please and thank u

  20. Red Ivy says

    It's me and my moms b day today…this video gives me life

  21. Panda_Cat95 says

    Am I the only one that would rather have cheesecake than birthday cake?

  22. Weiss Schnee says

    this art of…' videos are so satisfying

  23. Auricale says

    candle gets blown off
    "awhhhh i just nuted"

  24. hipster shy says

    That was so BEAUTIFUL 😢😢😢😍😍😍
    I want cake now

  25. Elizete Santana says


  26. Shrëyã D says

    watching this when ur fasting😫😭

  27. RØ S E S says

    Do 100 years of food

  28. Sims Ananas says

    The art of chocolate plzz

  29. John says

    Cmon I'm trying to lose weight here

  30. Madison says

    I smelled smoke when you blew out the candle😂

  31. Vance Ngalu says

    More like art of running out of ideas.

  32. Artemis Renegadous says

    How about Art of Fillet Mignon

  33. Madihah Mir says


  34. nijohn12 says

    this is beautiful.

  35. Sunshine Smith says

    looks dry af

  36. zomgseriosuly says

    oh shit damn that look gooder den a bich

  37. Manar Al says

    Sorry but if it doesn't have funfetti it ain't a BD cake

  38. Lidia Calixte says

    The music makes this seem so overly dramatic

  39. riceymilk :I says


  40. kk says


  41. adolladay says

    please don't discard that slice of heaven that I gave to you last night (topped with the frosting of my heart)

  42. Emily Li says

    This video was so short the background music could have been played in one breath

  43. Not A Robot says

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and also in his mouth.

  44. Farhan Rasul says

    The art of a lie.

  45. Archana Anand says

    More of this series pleaseee!!!!!

  46. Taylor H. says

    This is cool. My birthday is in two hours from now, so watching a birthday cake being made is cool.

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