Second Q&A in a new series! NY Rumble Ultimate: Video Gear I use: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Timothy Langer says

    Android Silver = Google Pixel

  2. Viraj Chavan says

    I see you got that black book 😂

  3. Ashish Rk says

    no review video for Xperia Z2?

  4. Sashikanth Balaiah says

    Can u have a review on saygus v2

  5. Sashikanth Balaiah says

    Can u have a review on saygus v2

  6. Alex Guerra says

    Rockets cool

  7. Alex Guerra says

    Clippers suck

  8. Ashwin Krishnan says

    G3, one of the best phones evaaaa…

  9. shlomy reich says

    Hi thanks for all the reviews not sure if you spoke about it yet but what's your take on screen protectors.. ( I saw what you say about cases) how does tempered glass compare (like orzly) to rino shield such is not glass??? (This? In general as well as more specific to my phone which is the one plus..)

  10. Debkanchan Samadder says

    How do you make that quality video. Give me some tips

  11. Axel Ek says

    Illuminati t-shirt!!!!!

  12. Aryan Singh says

    Good luck on your test

  13. Aryan Singh says


  14. Anshul Gupta says

    Your videos are just amazing! 👍

  15. Grizzlyx9 says

    dude why is your closet always open?

  16. abhimanyu raj says

    Please post a video review on micromax yu yureka phone.

  17. Ash Marcel says

    @4:16–  Will probably have their face on a banner***********

  18. Yung Waffles says

    My major is your minor! Cool

  19. Edoardo Ferri says

    should i get a nexus 5, moto g (2 gen) or moto x (2nd gen)
    pls answer marques 

  20. Yonal Udagedara says

    Hey guys… Um… How does MKBHD get his text in his videos like that, where its like leaning, or the text is vertical, against a device, or (0:09), the text is behind him…

  21. Max says

    Wow! 10gb file! My computer only has 1 terabyte. Your computer must be huge!

  22. Rahul Menta says

    Do you keep all the phones you review

  23. David Koren says

    2:06 yesss clippers!!

  24. pzcanada says

    Where can I find that background on your desktop? Also, where is it from? It looks like the logo on your t shirt, are they related?

  25. minh tvn says

    what's that speaker with black and red?

  26. Ivan Petkov says

    Where can I get the wallpaper on your computer from?!

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