Ask MKBHD V9: Building a Studio!

Ask MKBHD V9: Building a Studio!
Questions and Answers about the studio build! Dat router: The MegaDesk: Dream Desk 2: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Nur Aktar says

    Marques bro reply… I need your help.

  2. Ramy El-Naggar says

    Awesome man!

  3. Ali Baba says

    how to contact you sir

  4. D.Jamarbhsamurai says

    Dat Router looking like a Mass Effect Robot!

  5. sehr khan says

    Plz make a video of Huawei P20 pro

  6. I Like Movies says

    Love the videos man. Hope to have a great channel some day like you

  7. louisisprettycooltoo says


  8. Costantino Spano says

    use fritzbox as router!!! it's pretty ugly, it seems have zero antennas, but is the best in terms of speed and wifi range.

  9. HASAN AK says

    I don't blame you, I don't think I could keep it alive either

  10. HASAN AK says

    360Β° Video Yes, Please

  11. putrandimmuqtadir says

    That router–#…. I couldn't..

  12. Tanmay Jyothis says

    dat internet speed tho

  13. Adeeb Taja says

    RIP my internet speed… T_T
    Only 1Mbps download / 512 Kbps upload..😭😭

  14. Ken Beans says

    This actually the sickest thing I’ve seen and I’m so jealous of u. I wish one day I can have what u have. Tbh u probably won’t even see this comment but ur very inspirational and motivational. Good for u on ur channel growth, u deserve it

  15. black guy says

    Speed test results say faster than 99% of the US. lol

  16. Everything about .T says

    Best of luck

  17. RED ALERT! says

    over 400MB per second! Dude! I get excited when my downloads reach 400KB per seconds, and that's rare for me!

  18. illenessOne says

    431.29 mb/s . Holly molly .

  19. MithrandilPlays says

    Where's the desk bro

  20. Joyce Mo says

    How the hell do people get internet that fast i'd be lucky to get 8mbps

  21. Creator_2003 says

    MKBHD the plant killer!

  22. Surya Deb Mandal says

    Download 431 Mbps
    Upload 508 Mbps

  23. Berean Smith says

    I can't believe its been over a year

  24. Visual Scope says

    download speed 431mbps upload speed 508mbps wow πŸ˜€

  25. Eric Min says

    Buy a cactus! You only have to water them once every few months. Same with Aloe Vera or Succulents.

  26. marc07112 says

    2:23 where did you get that couch?

  27. Mosab Mudawi says

    from that 451 mp speed just give 10 and i'm good

  28. Evan Manuel says

    I really enjoyed watching your video. Keep up the great work. Greetings from Indonesia!

  29. rafael diaz says

    Aaaah ha ha ha I have nothing to ask. LMAO Hilarious !

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