Asus Transformer Prime Review!

Asus Transformer Prime Review!
The Asus Transformer Prime rocks. Thumbs up! Buy the Transformer Prime: ~ Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Facebook Page …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. James Charbonneau says

    Lag city!

    The problem is that it's pushing too many Pixels.

  2. Lykos says

    Ahh, nostalgia! I remember watching this review trying to determine if I should get this tablet. Tech has come a long way, and so has the quality of your channel!

  3. Navaneeth Venugopal says

    nice review… 🙂

  4. PrototypeTheGamingHell says

    On box its says prime for me but the on eee pad as they are called that it says its a Asus Transformer TF201…. Weird…

  5. Lorraine Saiz says

    Sucks its so slow

  6. Red eye Club says

    I'm trading my asus vivobook s500ca for this

  7. nawaz2kx says

    Microsoft version would not lag as much as this

  8. PaceDeliTV says

    Marques question i need a tablet that has full mircosoft use for my business doc's and runs fast and has great display and great memory camera use and i need a keyboard im kinda of a baby to tech world  but i respect your opinion very much what do you think i was thinking about  Asus – Transformer T100 – 64GB – Gray  ???? budget $400-$500 WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND ?

  9. Naman Puri says

    Whenever I choose not to watch any one of your videos, I always regret it… Always…

  10. kyuubifan1000 says

    i only have one issue with android 4.0, you can't place apps on a SD card

  11. Ta Do says

    What color is yours?

  12. saznmutt786 says

    I think thats genius because im always cupping my palms around my speakers for that reason. I mean, if u cant get front or side facing speakers, I am yet to see a tablet out there with them, theres no better middle ground

  13. saznmutt786 says

    cant be weaker then my acer iconia a500. The thing starts losing reception within 5 feet of my router. But just lost that tablet unfortunately so this may be my new replacement

  14. FrootLoop says

    even better with JB custom rom!

  15. Elie Azar says

    Hey, of you had to choose between the NEXUS10 and this baby right reviewed. Which one would you chose? (Without looking at the sound quality, lol at the speaker placing)

  16. Grindhousemafia1 says

    How similar is it to the pad in the padfone2? You'd think they would be the same.

  17. Sima Langer says 😀 haha

  18. کانال تفریحی says

    i like every single video of you dude you are the best

  19. aircutter360 says

    Awesome review very professional.

  20. Eilanna Cameron says

    Hi, I have Transformer T201, love it. Wifi with Vodafone flakey, wifi with Telstra, great….Aust. Loving Riptide GP, so much fun. Great review, thanks..

  21. Aaron Ferdinand says

    Hey was just wondering what the weather widget u were using was ??

  22. KWTech says

    Where'd you get the wallpaper?

  23. chenrong79 says

    great review,but transformer infinity like every other tablet produce by asus,has serious quality control problem, i have exchange 2 in the past 4 weeks periods due to slow kernal performance( not even rooted,i do not like to root my device mainly due to warranty issue).anyway, your device may work better than me does not mean all infinity will perform equally,btw i run the jellybean on my infinity

  24. Sinbad950 says


  25. zackary jackson says

    I have this one and a Android 4.1 aka Jellybean just came out and it is lovely.

  26. Paul B says

    Did you have WiFi issues? I want one of these but I hear they're plagued with WiFi problems. Thanks MB! Love the vids man

  27. Sum Pi says


  28. Coldwire says

    Will you look at that!
    Just look at it!

  29. shaun bdavis says

    thats xmas done 4 me

  30. Rahat Khan RK says

    i see 23 Iwhores !

  31. Deon Wills says

    Does it have 3G?

  32. TFEreviewz says

    I'm Savin for it 358 right now!

  33. Subhankar Dutta says

    where is the tegra 3 effects in the game? haven't noticed any of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Kieran Hayes says

    Thanks for the tips.

  35. Tyler Armstrong says

    Thats now how you pronounce asus

  36. Nick Katzfey says

    How come this speaker didn't come with the Nexus 7 -.-

  37. stealer0517 says

    use google shopping tells you the best price

  38. Roger Mygoo says

    1:25 *cough* ipad

  39. stealer0517 says


  40. Jack Jones says

    Is android now ready to compete with iOS in terms of apps (specifically games)? Only asking because I plan to get one of these to replace my first gen iPad

  41. Kevin Hernandez says

    viewing on my infinity 🙂

  42. kirbypanda says

    when you said look at it it reminded me of Patrick saying it in the spongebob episode

  43. Liban Ali Hussein says

    I only ask. Do you think that it is possible to download online games Leaague of legends or world of warcraft

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