Asus Zenbook UX31 Review!

Asus Zenbook UX31 Review!
This is THE Ultrabook. This thing doesn’t mess around. Thin. Light. Fast! Ultrabook qualifications: The Zenbook UX31 Price: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Red Wood says

    Is it sad that I actually still use that laptop as my personal one?

  2. Faiyaz Hasan says

    1:38 after loosing my virginity.

  3. Anonymous User says

    2019 ?
    He has changed alot

  4. Vibhanshu Tayade says


  5. Hussain N hussain says

    So the boy mkbhd did laptop review…but what happen now?

  6. Allan Amayo says


  7. DARK SPY says


  8. Я за асус ❤❤❤❤

  9. Svensk Gängmiljö says

    It´'s not A Zeus its a Asus.

  10. abdullah hamadeh says

    its nice and all but when its dirty inside and you can't open it .. iam saying as for me tho .. but it makes smells .. cleaning it and i will good as new

  11. Riadath Akib says


  12. Hamza Hussain says

    I’ve had this laptop since late 2012. It’s held up fine, but its age is starting to show. The keys have never been super sensitive and that’s gotten worse with time. As for the trackpad, for me it’s always been ok, but like he mentioned, it’s not perfect. Recently, the up and down arrow keys have just stopped working altogether. It’s not a big problem, but it is something worth mentioning. In its present condition, I’d give it a 3/5.

  13. Alex Thorn says

    Would this be worth getting in 2017/2018?

  14. Boi Mesa says

    possible to add RAM?

  15. sanwal farooque says

    Just came here to see your old videos 🙂 Your reviews were awesome then and they still are. Keep up the good work.

  16. kiknav says

    i miss these videos

  17. Tanzim Hasan Nihal says

    Review the microwave!

  18. Joseph George says

    so young bro!

  19. Mbozar says

    subliminal message at 0:45

  20. Raphael Khandadash says

    Does it hold up? Getting one today
    Will make a comprehensive review if this is still the best laptop for students in 2016

  21. Daniel Arcure says

    windows guesstures

  22. han kh says

    lol, mammoth size hands

  23. Zain Z says


  24. Anish shenoy says
  25. TheSpicyVulture says


  26. odin steffes says

    At 45 he flashes a picture of a macbook

  27. Josh Halterman says

    Please make more laptop videos!!

  28. Y2Kvids says

    xps 13 (2015) please!

  29. Magnus Edits says

    love mkbhd wish you did more headphones

  30. Rafi ali says

    Please make some more latest laptop videos….plzzzzzzz.

  31. Hugo Miguel de Jesus Graça says

    Asus rules like always.


  32. Objectified Cross says

    I am dissapointed that you're dumb enough to fall for the "SSD's save a ton of power" hogwash. 

    It's already been tested time and time again, they don't save jackshit in power. 
    They just don't. All it does is make it less likely to lose you're data while traveling because bumpy roads or what have you won't be knocking a hard-disk platter all over. 

  33. Andi Darmika says

    please do also the new UX301 or UX303 🙂

  34. Peaklist says

    Yes, Cheerios review please

  35. Ben Bidmead says

    This with Arch + SSD = Winner

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