Audio Technica ATH-M70X Review!

Audio Technica ATH-M70X Review!
M50x now has a big brother: ATH-M70x! Audio Technica ATH-M70X: Audio Technica ATH-M50X: ATH-M50X …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. MultiStainboy says

    Where did you get the frecuency response graph from?

  2. Shady_ Dont Play says

    Just buy some beats bro

  3. Jarrod Barger says

    Alot of people don't realize that these are not for the kind of people who buy the m50x's. These are a flat frequency response headphones meant to be used with headphone preamps for mixing and mastering. These are engineer headphones, and not a casual listening set of cans. Professional audio engineers don't mix on M50's. Also, as an actual engineer, there is no such thing as "headphone burn in/break in". Headphones are at their perfection the moment they leave the factory. Every day beyond that is simply mechanical degredation. There is no "seasoning" or "break in"

  4. Diego Davila says

    I just got Rick rolled by a Rick Astley Vevo ad….. hahahahaha omg.

  5. Duy Nguyen says

    I need these to play Fortnite

  6. kntwing.23 says

    i want foldable headphones . i got the m50x

  7. Geek In Da Kitchen says

    I definitely believe in burning headphones to be honest as for the first charge for my WH-XB700BT they sounded like $20 rubbish and when I burned them down to the first charge they now sound way better.

  8. Thadnill says

    Hello, I am a musician who mix and produces everything from Deep Techno/EDM, to Death metal, Heavy Metal, Medieval music, Celtic and Classical music. And I am also preparing myself to start DJ:ing soon enough, and I'm looking for a good professional solid monitors that can handle it all, and wonder if i should go for the M50s or 70s? I like detail, clarity and accuracy, but also need that little bass for producing my EDM & DJing which makes me a little torn. What do you think?

    Thanks and nice review!

  9. Antiochus says

    So basically the M70x is an expensive M40x okay

  10. BrickFreak2000 says

    Ay what is up guys

  11. Wil Spaulding says

    Watching in 2019… Kind of miss the room setup! 🙂

  12. airhead077 says

    I'll still use m40x over the 70x s even I have money to buy em

  13. Lonzy says

    Hmm. I prefer the ATH-M50x

  14. Beat says

    Was looking into this because the hinge on my m50x just broke. I'm disappointed they use plastic for this higher priced model as well. I'm definitely going to buy some metal one now.

  15. Leo Pardus says

    Audio-Technica ATH-M70x Cool! )))

  16. Hiim1813 says

    i just picked up the M20x's for my budget setup and these are amazing, im hoping to get the M50x's in a few years

  17. David Hodgin says

    Nah man, nah. Nah, hey man,,, nah, please nah,,, you aren’t very—-/ nah this is very hard to look at someone recommending these sibilant shooters to such an audience. Audio isn’t your thing man please stick to different stuff, please.

  18. Skillfully Executed says

    Im genuinly interested in seeing this video, i just ordered my 2nd set of ATH M50X last week, Are these going to be better or are they actually very similar.

  19. dicker9 says

    dont get them, theyre fucking garbage just like the m50s.

  20. HD esarias says

    How ar this monitor for gaming?

  21. Adeeb Md says

    are the earpads removable ?

  22. Pyramid Never says

    How tf is this video 4 years old. I remember when he uploaded this hoe man.

  23. Eposki says


  24. WopMadeIt says

    Why do mine sound like shit

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