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  1. Kori Garbison says

    I feel like yellow is gonna be her wedding color !!! Bridmaids dress probably gonna be yellow with pockets

  2. Phoebe Jenney says

    OMG! I HAVE THOSE HIGH HEELED BOOTS, I wore them for my uncles engagement but cos I’m only 13 it’s hard for me to match them with anything unless I’m going to a party or anything ❤️🙁

  3. Elisabeth Sari says

    7:25 i Love this jacket sooooo much❤❤

  4. Cherry Cheesecake says

    Finally a person who can shop at cheap places confidently

  5. Yolima Mont says

    i wish i had primary next to my place!!

  6. Ellen Farmery says


  7. Katie Stanley says

    wardrobe tour pleassseeee …… hello fellow dinosaurs x

  8. Lewis southgate says I've just started my youtube channel and did an Urban outfitters clothing haul as my first vid and would really appreciate it if someone could give it a quick watch thank youu

  9. Avantika Sankhe says

    Ur choice in fashion is impressive honestly I loved the haul

  10. Amanda Burton says

    I just watched a Primark haul and they have the same jumper as the first one

  11. thedollsintheflowers says

    I am English and emericans GET OUT OF HERE

  12. Ana Fox says

    I need to go to Primark​ ASAP! I looooved your choices! Whether they would suit me or not, I just think you have amazing taste and it's wonderful to watch. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Reet REet says

    I have the hey girl jumper!!!

  14. exrz says

    Im not english so i dont know what autumn means. Can someone pls explain?

  15. 「Miraculous 101」 says

    Everything is so expensive, I can’t even afford £10 😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Aisha Mehmood says

    I’ve got those shoes I bloody love them

  17. Korina Vego says


  18. Maesha 1 says

    You said 191 pounds but on the title it says 200 ✌🏻🤣🙄

  19. Grace Daum says

    Can you please do a closet tour

  20. Molly Gee says

    mauve is purple babe

  21. Lily Ashby says


  22. Sharona - says

    What size do you have in the teddy coat?

  23. Juana Naser says

    You picked the worst items in primark…

  24. Shereena Faye Lorenzo says

    I love Primark because its soooooooooo CHEAP

  25. olivia carr says


  26. Red Square says

    Am I the only one who sweats way too much in primark sweaters and jumpers…?

  27. Queenin' X says

    Primark is the plug tbh

  28. stephen carey says

    Autumnal..autumnal…autumnal…yada yada yada

  29. Sadie King says

    Love this!!! The background is awesome 😍 head over to my channel to see my latest primark haul xxx

  30. Mary-chan kudo says

    Love you❤ kiss from Italy

  31. Natalia Pfening says

    how about fair fashion girl

  32. Lindsey super mum says

    Can we see some Halloween games and activities for kids?

  33. Lindsey super mum says

    I want the red dress at the beginning! Luv this haul and love your videos. Im a mummy vlogger of twin babies. 4 kids in all xx im so excited for the disney video!

  34. LydiaLou says

    primark is seriously so underrated! like honey I would rather spend 200 at primark and get like three bags than go to somewhere else and get one!

  35. Marta Rakowska says

    Ofc Primark is a bargain, but I think it is getting too far with prices compare to quality 😐

  36. Leah Allen says

    Thank god she calls it Autumn and not fall, it's so annoying when people call it "fall"

  37. Jho Horca says

    Thanks all your videos…😍

  38. Life With Pets says

    No hate cause I luv u so much at 5:12 is ur zip undone? No trying to be mean tho xxxxx

  39. bellafly75 D’Agostino says

    AWESOME 💕💕💕

  40. Niomi Gillin says

    You’re so bubbly, have great fashion sense and we’re both from oxford why aren’t we friends 😩😂

  41. annixagatha says

    Awww, this teddy jacket is tooooo cute. I hope it's also available in Germany!! 🐻💕

  42. Junkhead in purpleland says

    I guess that first dress's color is called marsala.

  43. Stewina J M says

    The second dress ive got the same one in grey just a few days ago

  44. Sarah Fowler says

    first item of clothing you pulled out the yellow jumper I also fell in love with last week while I was there and bought it for myself, glad my favourite YouTuber has the same jumper as me

  45. GinoandLaurensAdventures says

    Have you been wondering what the heck your going to wear this Autumn?🍁
    H&M new London store Vlog below!🍉🌺🍭

  46. shadow sniper says

    I have kinda the same shoes😀❤

  47. Makeover Obsessions says

    Im getting all that you showed omg! There goes my 200£ 💴 🤦🏼‍♀️

  48. Ellie wyatt says

    Where is the jumper from that your wearing in the video?❤️❤️

  49. Kaylyn Seleman says

    Take a shot every time she says autumnal.

  50. Nına Tv says

    Love you 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

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