Avocado Egg Rolls // Presented by Avocados from Chile

Avocado Egg Rolls // Presented by Avocados from Chile
Open up a buttery-smooth avocado from Chile to make these delicious egg rolls!

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  1. Nacho Muñoz says

    in Chile people are dying for their equal rights, cops are on the streets killing and torturing people meanwhile the government is doing nothing for the people, we have a very bad public education and health, people has to live with less than USD$370 per month. Please dont buy anything from chile and support the people that lives here 🙌🏻❤️

  2. lets eat邊走邊吃 says


  3. MrKirby365 says

    They completely lost me with the mango I'll probably replace it with like bacon and tomato and cheese and onion and I'll make a dill and time aioli that's light on the garlic

  4. Equals Cash says

    This channel has almost 17M subs… shame on you Youtube…

  5. Dian Tiya says

    Thanks for recipe

  6. Kendall LaFollette says

    and… this goes into the top 10 grossest recipes ive ever foudn on the internet. cabbage with avacado was the best you could come up with?

  7. 밥안사-Ez cooking class says

    great recipe

  8. Ummay Salma says

    visit my embroidery toutorial. Hoep u like it.

  9. Dani Villafañe says

    Looks delicious and all but avocado plantations are drying up entire lakes and water streams in Chile, even in some cases leaving entire towns without running water. People have to rely on trucks to bring drinking water to the town hotspots, solely for drinking. Families haven't been able to shower or give water to their farm animals for over 3 years now because of water shortage but the goverment keeps allowing plantations in any area even if it compromises the ecosystem. Do not buy chilean avocados.

  10. Poonam smart kitchen says


  11. benjamin aguayo says

    Se llama PALTA aqui , no le decimos avocado, culturizense

  12. Amazing

  13. Matthew Anderson says

    don’t buy avocados from chili y’all read the more liked comments at the top explaining the corruption

  14. Cake Junkie says

    Thanks for your contents. Everything are so perfect. It's make me more and more motivations

  15. Laurie Joe says

    Making these asap minus the mango not a fan of mango at all.

  16. Eric C says

    Support CALIFORNIA avocados. We have perfectly good avocados here 🥑

  17. faureamour says

    I can't decide if this looks yummy or yucky. I LOVE AVOCADOS. I'm not the biggest fan of mangoes. Hmm.

  18. luis javier berdú pizarro says

    Chile desperto

    Renuncia piñera

  19. Celine Adobea says

    I'm so excited for it to become morning so I can make this 😂 I feel extra motivated to get my o wn place to lol thank you 🙌🏾🥑

  20. 레미의맛RemyKitchen says

    Super nice looking!👍
    Avocado is always best choice.
    Great job😆
    Thanks for your good recipe all the time

  21. mehmet demir says

    Yall lost me at the Chilean avocado… also wtf peel it well and remove the pit good lame ass peel

  22. Ghar Ki Rasoi says

    Wow very nice 👍
    And testy recipe

  23. Bennyto Camelot says

    please don't buy avocados from chile, this industry is killing the country ecosystem.

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