Award-Winning Cuban Sandwich by El Cochinito

Award-Winning Cuban Sandwich by El Cochinito
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  1. CHI 121092 says

    Who else heard oh yes!! Loudly at the end and surprised u

  2. Oh that’s Walk it to em says

    Joint is nasty

  3. The6kid Harris says

    It’s a Tampa sandwich

  4. N Vannote says


  5. Jamaal Baksh says

    Where the mayo!??!?!?!?!?!?????

  6. iwantabeetle says

    Still want a wall.

  7. dennys zenklusen says

    damn Daniel

  8. Mauro Tocco says

    Me watching this video 🤤

  9. Kendrick Carroll says

    I’m on board with everything about this video. Except the NAMBLA mustache.

  10. laz tej says

    Mannnn reminds me of Miami dawg…..😞🤤🤤🤤 yeah that’s the only thing I miss from over there THE FOOD other then that everything els can go under for all I care lol

  11. Gabe Penn says

    mijo eso no es pan cubano!!

  12. Chef Carl Casper says

    I challenge these to the ones in the movie “Chef”.

  13. jose Marante says

    He got 3rd place last year.

  14. Bing Chua says

    Anybody thinks that he looks like Chaplin?
    Just me ok…

  15. jonny nguyen says

    Thank you

  16. GCT10/31/1990 says

    Okay fuck, men in general… Brad Pitt couldn't pull off a mustache, why do you think you can? Men… My fellow men, it's either a beard, stubble or clean shaven, there is no in between… Mustaches have never looked good since ever, stop that shit. Men with Mustaches upgrade to "I have a grey van" or "I cross my legs sitting on a park bench watching kids". Stop that shit. Why do men go out of their way to make themselves look bad?

  17. BugsAndGlitches- says

    Wait, so l leave it in my oven for 8hrs-10hrs? Damn, im afraid my house will blow up lol

  18. TheGrouchDnD says

    This dude is like, "You're sure? I can also make a really good arroz con pollo"

    "No! I want the Cuban sandwich!"


  19. Erik Lerström says

    no crazy stereotypical accent. DISLIKED

  20. Joe Joe says

    I love Mexican food.

  21. Lance H says

    I've always thought cuban sandwiches were rather underwhelming.

  22. Shaq GasEngine says

    Good thing I have that restaurant quality oven and sandwich press just laying around

  23. Hiatt Purcell says

    theyre giving out the recipe because they know theres no chance any of us can make it this well even with the recipe lmfao

  24. Nicokenobi says

    why i even watch this video

  25. Isidore Finau says

    Pablo Escuban 😂😂😂

  26. Jerome Nettey says

    I swear, he looks sooooooooo much like his grandfather

  27. Dion Knight says

    im going to make a cuban missile sandwich its going to blow out the kitchen

  28. CGS S says

    Need to slap some more cheese on the MF….

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