Back To School || Cute & Easy Half Updo Hairstyle

Back To School || Cute & Easy Half Updo Hairstyle
A quick and easy slightly pin up hairstyle for back to school! Hope you guys like it and recreate it, I would love to see how it looks on you all! Good luck at school …

Source Roxxsaurus
  1. M_ Umair says

    Like your jawline😍😍..

  2. هدايات بلوناس says

    لا اله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له له الملك وله الحمد وهو على كل شيء قدير

  3. Raza Ahmed says

    You are looking like sara khan she is an indian actress

  4. mimi zizou says

    والله معندي مانقول تهبلي

  5. paola says

    Yes… I'm going to wear this to school😂💜

  6. Kate99 Ness99 says

    Omg, your hair color, lip color, style in general is booooomb 🖤

  7. Donna flanders says

    Thank you so much my daughter has been asking for this style for going back to school thank you xx

  8. NoOty Gamer says

    your perfect tutorial forced me to thumbs up ❤❤❤❤

  9. Kristine Beltran says

    Love this look! Would love to see that top with low fanned bun at the bottom too.

  10. Lojain Al mostafa says

    Thank you

  11. Briona Taylor says

    Ur so pretty but i could never pull that hairstyle off!

  12. Tanish Aneja says

    ur so beautiful nd i like this hairstyle

  13. mAya Yo says

    u are awesome and cute u are very very veryyyyyyy beautiful and magic i realy loved this

  14. CloudsAndSunset says

    1:11 suddenly the hair became smooth !

  15. arooba maria says


  16. محمد says

    انتي هم اتخرين مثلنة

  17. SAR AAH says

    You're so beautiful ♡_♡

  18. هدوء الكلام says


  19. iqra rajpoot says

    .rOxi you loOk your videOs😍

  20. Shireen Ansari says


  21. lina ott says

    i would never wear this in school ^^

  22. chon nget says


  23. Miriam Marandici says

    you have such a gorgeous hair color!

  24. Nrmeen sweet says

    you.are fantastic

  25. Salomé Salas says

    waooo que ojos tan claros !!!

  26. Heather Hobbs says

    What colour did you use on your hair?? Absolutely loveeeee it

  27. Queen Wolf. says

    Hello, I loved the hair tutorial, also your top and lipstick.

  28. Rida Ali says

    This hairstyle takes back com so after you are done with the event or anything for what we are making this hairstyle so how can we remove the tangle made because of back com easily without pain or less??

  29. E J says

    will whis work if you have a fringe?

  30. lisa jena says

    Oh i just luv ur style

  31. Kimi Garcia Lesniok says

    this is Not for back to school

  32. Barbie Doll says

    love it

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