Bagel Boats

Bagel Boats
Here is what you’ll need! Bagel Boats Serving 1 INGREDIENTS 1 bagel 2 eggs 2 tablespoons cheddar cheese 2 strips of bacon (chopped) 1 tablespoon green …

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  1. Mike Ciotti says

    I'm making this right now. Super hungry and can't wait to eat it. However I'll never make it again. Tearing out the inside of the bagel sucked. Try not to destroy it in the process

  2. Prince Erick says

    Oh lord I thought it said bagel goats

  3. ø Eman Hafeez ø says

    U can toast it too

  4. Sir Digby Chicken Caesar says

    there is NO WAY you need a whole egg per half a bagel

  5. Daniel Modarres says


  6. Jacob M says

    Does the bacon have to be precooked?

  7. William Nixon says

    hell yes

  8. candyandme3 says

    You're better off just making a quiche

  9. jokol8 says

    I got a tasty ad before watching this.

  10. Bahb Fletcher says

    hope that's Kosher bacon.

  11. Pabu The Dumb Nerd says

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Bagels

  12. lot24 says

    I doubt my dumbass could scoop out a bagel without mangling it.

  13. Juan Ulysses says

    One of the few things I've seen on here that actually looks shitty

  14. M0fax says

    Bogel Bates

  15. grizzly Modz says

    well im gonna make this

  16. 566 12 says

    could you please get rid of that "oh yeah" voice at the end of your video? it's cringy AF

  17. loothootyou says

    pls stahp, i can only get so erect.

  18. Adam Towne says

    gtfo of the kitchen sharon

  19. Daily Foodie says

    Thanks for ingredient list

  20. Benjamin Laureano says

    Make a blessed bacon egg sandwich. This goofy ass breakfast

  21. dio neez says

    instructions unclear. dick stuck in bagel

  22. RydaWvesMusic says

    Hey guys! If you have any time to spare at all it would mean alot if you check out my music! I don't have much to offer now, but I'm working hard to better! Thank you!

  23. Zibbia gray says

    😄Looks so good🙃

  24. LowLightVideos says

    Where's the Beef, I mean Boat? 🚢🏊

  25. Coaster Labs says

    That was the fastest bite I've ever seen! Witchcraft!

  26. Lauren says

    has anyone made this? did it work/is it good? lmk thx <3

  27. AestheticKitty says

    Who else watches them but DOESN'T ACTUALLY MAKE THEM XD

  28. Estelle Winters says

    Tried it this morning. Not great.

  29. Clara M says

    I'm vegan… why am I watching this??

  30. kou615yang says

    now that's a tasty treat

  31. Wise El Fino says

    I came here for the oh yesss

  32. Farhan Tammam says

    add cheese plz

  33. Rcker31BDrinkN says

    I just need bagels to make this in the morning

  34. syeda Hania Irshad says


  35. alki who says

    There's always cheese

  36. Flied Lice says

    Looks dry as…

  37. Not Chef Ryan Cooking Show says

    looks fantastic! I'll try it… i think I'm gonna add some spice to the egg

  38. Amani Shairi says

    This is my favorite breakfast recipe so far:)

  39. Ranithecrazyweirdo says

    im literally on a playlist of food vids rn just watching lol ……

  40. anthony whitehead says


  41. Ian says

    oHOh yEs

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