Baked Parmesan Chicken Strips

Baked Parmesan Chicken Strips
Here is what you’ll need! Baked Parmesan Chicken Strips Serves 6 INGREDIENTS 3 chicken breasts, sliced into strips Salt, to taste Pepper, to taste ½ cup flour …

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  1. Cinna Bunneh says

    So… You fucknuts don't know what a fake tattoo is huh?

  2. Gulya Swift says


  3. Average says

    The kid looks adorable! So cute.

  4. Lauren Fraser says

    Does this have a gluten free alternative?

  5. Ali Fawaz says

    Who else saw that ketchup move 0:55

  6. Urmila Mahadware says

    0:58 the ketchup bowl moves on its own

  7. DonDev Amruth says


  8. m g says

    Even the kid has tattoos!

  9. xX Anime Xx says

    How can this be Junior? I’m 22 and i can’t even do this.

  10. Lamorii 360 says

    Im hungryyyyyyyy

  11. Mosammat Jahan says

    Wait look at the ketchup at 0:56. Frikkin creepy

  12. Lasimies says

    CHIIIICCCKKENNN SSSTRRIIIIIIIIPPPPPPSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!&#*#*$&$£#&÷^₩@^€¥@"₩£!::@¥@:₩*!:¥*"*₩#:#

  13. Михаил says

    0:56 am i crazy or the tomato sauce is moving?

  14. Don't add the "Oh Yes" Part my friend was so freakin mad

  15. A Plant says

    Mix some ranch into the eggs and it tastes amazing

  16. Julie T says


  17. Emily Claire says


  18. neil campbell says

    Made these totally worth

  19. NetherSkulls says

    Anyone else notice the ketchup move by itself? ._.

  20. Ohoud Albaloushi says

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  21. Maggie Nhan says

    I liked how the baby just plopped the chicken on the tray.

  22. steven ln says

    I tried this recipe…. Four words….. BLAND AND NOT CRISPY.

  23. Raed Skerek says

    The fact that they dipped it in Ketchup with Ranch right there next to it disappointed me

  24. SeanDavidOnline says

    I'm new to cooking & tried you recipe! Doesn't look as good as yours but sure tasted awesome! Thank you

  25. Plastic Spoon says

    Yuck obese kids hands ugly as fuck

  26. Sammmy 345 says

    Okay is it just me or at the end when he pick up the chicken strips that the ketchup move?😓 or did they edit that

  27. Fleeting Expertise says

    I'm new so is that a kid Wii th a tattoo ?????

  28. SpookDogg says

    more gross kids hands

  29. Joel Alexander says

    Super chubby baby hands!!!😂😂😂

  30. Bonsai Banana says

    What's Italian Seasoning?

  31. MelVillegasRie says

    Uhmmm.. Very delicious! with BBQ sauce =)

  32. Jeron Williams says

    Why does that baby have a tattoo?

  33. Ganesh Ramcharran says

    No lie, I thought that was a little kid until I saw the tattoo

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