Banana French Toast Bake

Banana French Toast Bake
Here is what you’ll need! Banana French Toast Bake Serves 8-10 INGREDIENTS Banana-Brown Sugar Glaze ½ cup butter ¾ cup brown sugar 1 teaspoon …

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  1. Haybale_Melon says

    This is a fancy bread and butter pudding

  2. a_professional_geek says

    How to make diabetes

    I think is more appropriate for the title…

  3. Ayesha's Kitchen says

    Nice recipe. Thank you

  4. W Y says

    Hi I’m so I can’t cook whatsoever, I need an easy, so easy that a baby could do it recipe, and no cooking plz, whenever I make anything it turns out sucky

  5. Cinthya Chavarin says

    Looks delicious but why does everything that look so delicious on the internet i cant make home cause i dont have most of the ingredients in my house?

  6. MaMi 9 says

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  7. coppertone87 says

    Thanks so much! Followed this loosely today and it was great. I used 2 loaves of Thick and Heart Pepperidge Farm Maple Brown Sugar whole wheat bread. It came out a little more like bread pudding, a bit mushy in the middle, and then crunchy on top. Could have been the bread I used, but everyone liked the way it came out.

  8. Doğukan Sarıbaşak says

    This is kind of a bread pudding isn't it?

  9. E Alex says

    This is bread pudding you ass bags.

  10. Stephanie B says

    Thank you tasty !!! I made this tonight and my husband loved it . I love your videos . I'm going to keep trying some of your recipes. ♥️

  11. Dani D says

    I just made this! I substituted apples (didn't have any bananas) used skim milk (only thing on hand) and it was YUMMY! I used a loaf of country french bread from Costco that expired 4 days ago 🙂 Not sure how many cups it was but it filled up my large glass nesting bowl… It was pretty quick and easy. I will certainly make it again.

  12. Mir Nieem says

    Egg is not needed. Flax Seeds and Chia Seeds work fine.

  13. Daniel Cha says

    in the first 12 seconds thats already like 4 times the amount of sugar u shuld have in a day, seriously what the hell

  14. Daniel Modarres says

    Elmo Visits by senior officials said that it would

  15. Johnny Gadget says

    Just throwing it out their, but I do believe this is a bread pudding 🙂

  16. zoya wirjadi says


  17. mer-SAY Deez says

    im about to make this

  18. Isabel ez says

    isn't this a bread pudding? sry if im wrong

  19. scorpioninpink says

    That's what you call a bread pudding tasty.

  20. ThatsWhyImGod says

    Looks like shit

  21. Heels to High Tops says

    I could totally make this vegan! Yaass!

  22. Emal A says

    I can already taste the diabetes

  23. Failureslash Loser says

    🎵my minds telling me no but MY BODY MY BODY IS TELING ME YEHEES🎵(but opposite)

  24. Clint Cheng says

    not enough rum

  25. Mike Shinoda says

    wtf is that "oh yes"

  26. Dat Boi says

    I'm so fucking hungry right now..

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