Battery Technology Rant

Battery Technology Rant
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Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Denzy Smoove says


  2. Andrive says

    2019 welp dudes

  3. Paki Pete says

    I have 86 percent on my iphone se and 100% on my apple watch s2. I also have 72% on my ioad pro 12.9 2018

  4. ProTechHits says

    yo he was 16 he didn't hit puberty till now

  5. 3d guy247 says

    2018: still apple is proud saying: it lasts a full day hahaha

  6. Mark Carpenter says

    And 7 years later…time to repost this video

  7. Diaming787 says

    Still relevant today…

  8. Chandan Bhowal says

    Lol still no change. Operating systems,SoC and AI have improved the battery life but there's still no engineering breakthrough.

  9. TheLunarFX says

    so younnnngggg

  10. Lisandro Reynoso says

    2018: Batteries still don't keep up

  11. iTechSavvy says

    The all new Graphene battery technology is on the way!

  12. Renato Pascoal says

    they got bigger.. waay bigger. its 2018 and now you have a huge battery pack in your car..

  13. Artic Z3maray says


  14. Ahmed Al Wakeel says

    6 years later… still waiting…

  15. Alex V. says


  16. shivann justin says


  17. dale stewart says

    The solution? Quit being obsessed with thinness. Edit: I think the Droid by Motorola had a very reasonable thickness

  18. Kamal Parajuli says

    still revelent

  19. ORO 0147 says

    Huawei is completing your requests.

  20. ORIOLESFan02 // SevenEleven says

    21% battery

  21. Eldin Eka says


  22. Bàlor Club says

    who's from 2018?

  23. Richard N. Anoliefo says


  24. Vipul Alwe says

    Watching this in January 2018 still no new battery technology in mainstream smartphones

  25. Amadeus cho says

    In 2018, is still +0%😷

  26. rope says


  27. Techbird 64 says


  28. Carl T says

    Wow only just watched this MKBHD how things have changed 🙂

  29. Azmi Khaiqal says

    This was on my recommended.

  30. Reilly S says


  31. Debra Dukes says

    Absolutely correct MKB the biggest Rant of all definitely agree.Thanks for sharing Deb 👍

  32. Tyson Cain says


  33. Felix Peter says


  34. Napalmroof says

    Great vid

  35. VapeTime says

    19 percent, but as u asked about the battery my lg tones battery said "battery low, please charge now"

  36. Akash Bhavsar says

    6s plus
    23% left its 5:22 pm
    I charged full at 12:00 pm
    And YouTube mkbhd for 2 hours 😂

  37. Jasper Blake says


  38. Ravi Kumar says


  39. lord and savior gaben says


  40. Life Negotiator says


  41. Later Hater says


  42. swadtheking says

    this is still relevant…

  43. Samarth Vohra says

    75%….4000mah on redmi note 3💕

  44. Dylan Woods says


  45. Siddharth Agrawal says

    its not that easy bro. its quite bold of u too make claims when u probably dont even know how batteries work. lithium poly and lithium ions are best batteries u cud think of. maybe magnesium batteries could be for future but its quite late in future. and u got quickcharge so just be happy

  46. Church says


  47. Maurya K says

    whats with the microvave

  48. Xena Mada says


  49. Chanse Ormon says

    I have the iPhone 6s Plus Gold 128GB

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